Thursday, October 1, 2015

Watercolor Pencils are BACK!

I gush.  I gush.  I gush.  Yes, I do over these pretty...pretty packaged...pretty packaged pencils.  I have had to contain myself over the past few months as we waited for Prima to restock these extremely HOT items.  But they are back so I can sing my praises once more!  Ahhhhhhhhhh ♥♥♥!  And I've brought it lots.

You had me at hello.....
The pencils come in a beautiful tin.  Hello.
We stock four sets including:  The Basics, Scenic Route, Earth Tones & Spring and Fall.  There are two other sets you will see online (Soft Neutrals and Julie Nutting Skin Tones and Hair) but in my opinion they are not needed as they duplicate many of the colours found in these favoured four.  Trust me.  I did a whole spreadsheet when I featured these at Scrapfest in April (math/problem solving is kind of my thing as well as paper if you haven't noticed....wink...wink).  These 4 sets give you such a pretty array of colors too!

You think adult colouring books are fun.  Seriously these watercolor pencils are even better because there is no stress of staying in the lines and colours are so soft.  You colour.  You add water (with a brush or water pen) and you watch the magic happen.  The colours are so flow-y and prett-y.  Just lovely.

Anyone interested in trying these out should pop into the store on Saturday.  I will have a fun little station set up for you!


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ckplbookworm said...

Kim question for you! Would these watercolour pencils work on the adult colouring books?

K1 said...

You can use the watercolor pencils in the adult colouring books. I would just watch the amount of water you add as it may warp the paper.