Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Will you be MY Valentine?

A girl can't help but smile when she receives a Valentine.  Whether it is from your best friend, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend or even a secret admirer....a Valentine's Day card can mean so much.  Are you going to make one (or MANY!) this year?  The kids and I are still contemplating our designs but I know we will have a blast stamping or maybe just adding fun heart stickers to goodie bags.  After my post the other day, you may guess that our design will be simple and sweet.  I promise to share.

Memorybox - Penelope Heart
Poppystamp - Heart Frames

There are some wonderful dies in store if you want to get a little creative!  I just adore the two above.  

MME - 8x10 Frameables
You could also have some fun creating a custom 8x10 framed piece using the My Mind's Eye frameables.  You get 6 designs to have fun with!  
And don't forget the incredible sweets from Homebaked Kitchen.  Jen's sugar cookies are adorable!  She has hearts, foxes, birds and even skunks! 


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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Life CAN be me.

Sometimes when I create, I feel GUILTY.  Last night, as mentioned, I pulled out my Valentine's Day stamps but decided to go a completely different route in designing my greeting cards.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been chatting with people (at the coffee shop, car repair place, with Trevor...basically anyone who would listen) about how life is now overly complicated and that I hate it.   I have been craving simplicity.  I will admit that I am almost at that BIG birthday mark but  I don't think this wave length has been prompted by that.  And its funny because the complications that have been bothering me are the little ones.  For example, so you know when you go to the grocery store and you are looking for orange juice and you come across this HUGE freezer section.  There are cans with added vitamin C, no pulp, EXTRA pulp, with other fruits added, etc.  Like really?  And that's not even all.....I forgot all about the section in the fridge area with the cartoned OJ!  People.  I do not need these added choices in my life.  I want to go to the freezer section, grab the proper fruit juice and celebrate the fact that I REMEMBERED!  So many other areas of our day to day world are like this and the cumulative effect can be very draining.  Now don't get me started on the added complication now on my debt card (like why does it now say VISA!?!?!?)....

So yes.....fewer decisions.....more time to get things done and feel good about yourself.

This is where I finish my Friday night design story I started above.  I had pulled all my Valentine's stamps up into the kitchen so I could hang out with the family while designing and doing what I wanted.  My small craft room is in the basement and I hate being removed from them (at times!).  Then I brought over a piece of Crate Paper, a sheet of fun burlap and that's where the decision came in......complicated stamp choices to my left with added hauling of products up the stairs or simplified designing to my right with limited product options.  I chose the path less travelled by me.  I took a sharp RIGHT.  I chose less technique.  I chose using familiar design embellishments.  I chose PURE, simplified FUN.  Just what I needed on a Friday night.

The guilt factor came in when I realized I designed 6 cards effortlessly.  And why should I feel guilty about this?  When you work with quality products like the incredible art work by Crate Paper and Maggie Holmes and interesting textured burlap by Jen Hadfield, your incredible designs can be a snap because THEY did the work for you!  Here are the main products I began my creative process with:

Jen Hadfield Printed Burlap (12x12 sheet)

Crate Paper - Wonder Chipboard

Maggie Holmes Confetti Stickers

So the moral of the story?  Don't feel guilty EVER when you are designing.  You are spending time doing something you LOVE and whatever happens in the moment happens for a reason.  You know that little blob of ink that decided to jump on your nearly complete card?  Well guess what?  Time to view that as an opportunity to think outside the box while figuring out ways to "hide" it.  You want to pull out all one million shades of Distress Ink to create with?  Go for it!  If that is what you are go girl.  This hobby is about adding joy in YOUR life.  Stop looking at what everyone else is creating  and start doing.  It's doesn't take much to get that creative release.  Trust me.


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Friday, February 5, 2016

Creativity in Progress

Funny. I pulled out my Valentine's Day stamps and got sidetracked by this fun sheet of burlap and an adorable Crate Paper sheet. I cannot believe I have not worked with this yet!  Not sure where this is going but having a blast in the meantime. 

Creative Journey in be continued. 


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Love is in the Air....Wedding Show Update

The Chatham-Kent Big Brothers Big Sisters Wedding Show took place this past Saturday and I had a fabulous day.  I met some wonderful couples with the most unique ideas.  Stationery is not what it once was......and I couldn't be happier.  

Remember going to a book and having to choose the invitation that best suited you?  This is what I did 14 years ago.  I remember settling on a design with no ability to make changes.  Today is just the opposite.  Any design that you can image, can be brought to life.  Nothing brings me more satisfaction than hearing my couples say, "We love it."

Here is a little glimpse of my booth.  I like my booth to reflect the feel of the store.  What do you think?  Remind you of 44 Fourth Street? Next time though, remind me to pack a little lighter!  That was a lot of moving for one girl.  But it was all worth it.  I was very proud of how it came together.

I also wanted to show that you can get crafty on your big day.  I thought the chicken wire wall hanging I designed would make a fabulous gift.  This along with a little note to your future hubby?  What a special present.

Of course my stationery designs were the main focus of the booth.  I brought along my album which showcased many of my creations over the years.  The one above was for my second cousin once removed.  He and his bride love hunting and the outdoors.  This design set the tone for their rustic outdoor wedding.  I adore this design.

Another focus of my booth was the incredible offering of wedding accessories offered through Weddingstar.  Their product is stunning.  And 13% off all orders placed through The Pickle?  How can one NOT smile.

For those of you who stopped by Saturday...thank you.  I hope we can work together and I can help bring your visions to life.  Happy planning.


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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Visit Us at The CK Wedding Show

I'm very excited for today's show.  Bradley Convention Centre.  Richmond Street, Chatham.  11-6.  Stop in and say hi!


PS...The store IS open today.  Jen will be happy to help you with your sweet/paper needs.

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