Tuesday, July 23, 2019

5 Months Ago...

"The Sisters" - February 23, 2019
It was exactly 5 months ago today that we closed "the store" - The Paper Pickle.  I will tell you that it has been a major change.  I will tell you that I miss it....that I miss you!  I was very confident in my decision to close the store but never did I imagine the range of emotions I went through following February 23, 2019. 

A wild 7 days of packing followed.  I must thank Debbie for all her help!  She kept me organized for all these years and she helped keep me organized in the final days.  It is amazing what one accumulates in 15 years. 
One last photo
Then on Sunday, March 2, an incredible team of family and friends helped to move everything out of 44 Fourth Street.  Oh my goodness.  Moving is terrible but I was so very thankful for my crew of helpers.  My garage and home was FULL!
Now listen to this story.  You won't even believe it.  So within minutes of everyone leaving my house, I was standing in the garage looking at all my "stuff" trying to figure out where to start...how to incorporate these treasures into my home.  Next thing I knew, Julia was running into the garage telling me something was wrong with Tilly (our cat that we got the year we opened the store).  I ran into the house the find the cat collapsed near all my banker boxes of paper scraps that we just moved in.  I tried to figure out what to do for her but before I knew it, she was gone.  It was wild because she showed no signs of being sick.  I couldn't believe my 15 year old cat died on the day the store was wrapped up for good.  Universe, why don't you kick me while I'm down!

A little collage of memorabilia
I pulled together for the last day 
I noticed I was not myself for the next three months.  My routine was gone.  My store was gone.  I felt like I had lost a friend.  It is amazing that I had to go through somewhat of a grieving process.  Again this seemed so wild to me as it was only just a store, not a person. 
Daddy Daughter Dance with my Bike of course!

Creative kids energizing my spirit

I took part in a few events that really made me happy.  The Zonta Cardmaking Extravaganza, the Mother-Son Date "Knight" and Daddy Daughter Dance allowed me to create and share my love of crafting with others.  This helped me tremendously.  By crafting, I was able to heal.

Fun little tags on the patio Canada Day weekend

The good news is that 5 months later, I am back!  I feel calmer.  I feel I have more time - two full days off in a row feels like a vacation, each and every week!  I can be a Sunday AND Saturday soccer mom! 

And I am crafting again!  Have a look at some of the fun little projects.  These make me so happy. 
A little care package I pulled together for Julia's big school trip

A card for Julia's friend's Grade 8 graduation

Patio fun
 Did you miss me?  I've sure missed you!

♥ Kim

Saturday, February 23, 2019

LAST DAY TODAY!! February 23

Looking pretty and classy right up until the end.....oh I'm going to miss this gorgeous space!

TODAY is the LAST DAY at 44 Fourth Street.  Join us and walk away with INCREDIBLE SAVINGS!  60-90% off.  You will not see savings like this again.  Our selection is still wonderful and current.

How beautiful is this?  Last night Jules and I were at the store prepping for the last day.  We had the Taylor Swift blasting (girl power!).  We were working together to make it beautiful for you right up until the end.  Anyways, things were getting shuffled around and the stamps lost their home.  I looked around and found THE perfect spot....back on our signature shelving....just as they were back in 2003 when we set up.  This made my heart happy.  How gorgeous are they with their reinker friends?  Awe.

So yeah......open from 10am-3pm TODAY.  LAST DAY.  It's now or never....♥


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

This is it - LAST DAY is SATURDAY Feb.23

I cannot believe we are here.  The LAST WEEK of The Paper Pickle.  Thank you to everyone who has been in to shop and share their well wishes with me.  It has been an incredible 5 weeks.  You have helped me to keep my head held high.  This has been a wonderful and awesome ride...all 15 years of it!

Now let's get to business...
We have some once in a lifetime SAVINGS for you!  BEAUTIFUL and CURRENT paper crafting product can be yours for a fraction of the price.  I LOVE numbers. Let me do the math for you:

  • Designer 12x12 papers 80% OFF- Regular $1.25/sheet NOW only $0.25/sheet (I know!)
  • 8.5x11 Cardstock 80% OFF - Regular $0.60sheet NOW $0.12/sheet
  • 12x12 Cardstock 80% OFF - Regular $0.80/sheet NOW $0.16/sheet
  • Dies NEW to the store this week - 60% OFF
  • Beautiful wood mount, cling and polymer stamps - 75% OFF
  • Embellishments & Stickers - 75% OFF
  • Ribbon by the spool or yard - 75% OFF
  • Wedding ring pillows, baskets, favours and more - 75% OFF already reduced prices 
Saturday is our LAST DAY so these are THE BEST prices you will EVER see.  Take this beautiful product home with you.

♥  Kim

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Saturday - 10am-3pm ♥♥♥DOORS CLOSE FOREVER♥♥♥

Monday, February 18, 2019

Good Times WE Had.....our LAST Make & Take

Oh wow.  Saturday was quite the day!  Thank you to everyone who stopped in for our LAST Make & Take.  I wanted this make and take to be EXTRA special.  I wanted to thank you for the "good times we've had.....the good times we knew" (-Tom Cochrane).  Oh and BOY we have had some good ones!  

Many of the fondest memories I have of The Paper Pickle involve this girl here....our mascot....our bike.  It's funny but I don't think we even named her.  All I know is that she has been with us since our BIG move to 4th Street in 2005.  She has been apart of our store and she HAD to be apart of our LAST make and take.

We thought it would be fun to have a little photo booth.  People got to ride the bike and pose with some funny little signs.  The Paper Pickle is all about making memories and I wanted to make a few more with you!  

Thank you to this crew.  Julia has been such an incredible help over the past couple of years.  I loved watching her confidence grow with each and every month.  And thank you to her helper, Brody.  He did so well with the photos and even helped by modifying the flow of the process (Look out for this guy in the future.  He is going places!). 

Oh this is just me having a little fun.  Oh, how I LOVE this space and this store.

Thank you to my beautiful sister, Krystle for these photos from the day.  You have captured so many special moments for us.  We are so lucky to have a professional photographer in the family.   

And finally, here is the back of my little make and take....

To those of you who stopped in Saturday, I'd love for you to share the back of your tags.  I hope you will keep this last make and take and remember "The Pickle".  Good times.....

One week to go.....our LAST DAY is THIS SATURDAY (February 23).

♥ Kim

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Saturday is our LAST Make & Take...!

Can you believe it?  It is the 3rd Saturday of the month and the LAST one before we close up the shop on February 23 (yes...next Saturday!).  Join us for our LAST make & take from 10am-3pm.  Come and MAKE some memories and SHARE some memories with us.  It has been one wonderful and awesome ride....

Our mascot is ready for one last ride.

Our incredible sales continue with 75% OFF all paper (I know!) and 60% OFF everything else.  YES....this means 60% OFF the clearance items as well.  With only 7 days left, there is not much time to get in and save.

Hope to see you soon...


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