Friday, October 9, 2015

Feminine Feel

Oh my.  I'm sorry to have been such a stranger.  You see, Trevor has got me hooked on a Netflix series called Downton Abbey.  Have you heard of it?  Of course you have heard of it!  I know people have been chatting about how great this show is for some time and I have had no interest because I truly don't watch tv.  I once followed Grey's Anatomy religiously but after falling behind on a series of missed shows two years ago (and no pvr) I decided that I would not have my life revolve around a silly show.

Well there goes that thought!  We are three shows deep and I am in love.   I am in love with everything about this show including Mr. Bates (like I was bawling for this poor man the first show!), the lives of the servants, the setting and the clothes!  Seriously, can the Crawley women be any more stunning in their beautiful gowns that they wear on a daily basis.  I want to wear feminine, pretty things.  Can't we all start a trend and start dressing again!

(Side note:  no show thanks to Thursday night football.  Good news, because I had time to blog!)

The show had me thinking of the pretty feminine things that ARE in my life.  Maybe I don't dress in elaborate gowns every day but I do try to surround myself with beautiful things.  Pretty beauties like this crocheted banner.  Is it not stunning?  I have posted about this item before (brought to you by a favourite, Crate Paper) and thankfully, it is back in stock.  Maybe the Crawley girls crochet?  Oh!  I DID notice the mother working on needle point during one of the first shows.....

 See?  The paper crafting world is pulling from other hobbies!  I think these wood veneer hoops from - who do you know? - Crate Paper would make the most stunning wall hanging or accent!  Look at these stunning samples that I found on Crate's blog.....
Perfect sample found on Crate Paper's blog

Another example from Crate's uber talented gals!

 And what would Mrs. Patmore say if she saw these in her kitchen??  Again, such pretty little sequins from Crate Paper.  Here is a little look at them packaged....
 This line may be a little too colourful for the women of Downton (it was all rather dark in the first few shows as they were in mourning) but I have a feeling they would love the floral patterns and colours in this collection called Confetti.  I have been bringing in bits and pieces of this collection but right now, I'm happy to say we have lots more in!  Check out the gorgeous papers, and chipboard stickers.

Pretty.  Pretty.  Pretty.  And there's lots more where that came from.  The collection called Documentary from Crate Paper is trickling in.  It too had beautiful patterns and colours that appeal to us, the gentler, softer sex.


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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Watercolor Pencils are BACK!

I gush.  I gush.  I gush.  Yes, I do over these pretty...pretty packaged...pretty packaged pencils.  I have had to contain myself over the past few months as we waited for Prima to restock these extremely HOT items.  But they are back so I can sing my praises once more!  Ahhhhhhhhhh ♥♥♥!  And I've brought it lots.

You had me at hello.....
The pencils come in a beautiful tin.  Hello.
We stock four sets including:  The Basics, Scenic Route, Earth Tones & Spring and Fall.  There are two other sets you will see online (Soft Neutrals and Julie Nutting Skin Tones and Hair) but in my opinion they are not needed as they duplicate many of the colours found in these favoured four.  Trust me.  I did a whole spreadsheet when I featured these at Scrapfest in April (math/problem solving is kind of my thing as well as paper if you haven't noticed....wink...wink).  These 4 sets give you such a pretty array of colors too!

You think adult colouring books are fun.  Seriously these watercolor pencils are even better because there is no stress of staying in the lines and colours are so soft.  You colour.  You add water (with a brush or water pen) and you watch the magic happen.  The colours are so flow-y and prett-y.  Just lovely.

Anyone interested in trying these out should pop into the store on Saturday.  I will have a fun little station set up for you!


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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Add a touch of class to your Thanksgiving Meal
What is a tradition?  It is a longstanding belief or custom that is passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth or by practice.

We have been talking a lot about traditions at our house lately.  Trevor was stressing the importance of tradition and I couldn't agree more.  But then he said that WE as a family do not have many traditions.  I thought that was bologna!  There are so many little things that we do that are traditions in our house including having a nice big breakfast as a family each Sunday or Trevor and the kids visiting with his mom each Saturday while I hang with you at the store.   I told him that in the moment, you may not realize that you are in fact creating traditions of your own.  And it is only when you look back that some of these little things you do or places you go have become a tradition.  I don't know.  Now that I read this, I wonder if my stance was a little weak.  What do you think?  (Shhh....don't tell Trev that.)

Kraft Card stock with matte embellishments
There is no debating that traditions are important.  My mom has a tradition at Christmas time where she puts out the same place cards with our names on it.  I love seeing my name in the familiar cursive font.  It is a simple little gesture but I feel like it adds a touch of class to our meal.  And I wanted to extend this idea to you and your table!
Ivory Linen Card stock with matte and shimmer embellishments
Designing stationery for weddings is a big part of my business.  This stationery includes not only invitations but other paper goods including place cards.  I decided to create a couple of crafty, Thanksgiving inspired place cards just in time for your big family gathering.

Place Card Orders - NOW through October 5th!
Now I know many of you are VERY crafty and your creations literally leave me speechless.  But I do know designing on the computer can be a challenge too.  So here's the way I can help you start a new little tradition:

  • Let me know which design and what names you need printed by October 5th (please stop in or email your names to
  • The price is $1.00 each if you use your crafting skills to assemble yourself.  It will just be a matter of gluing on the leaves or pumpkins and adding whatever other details you can think of!
  • The price is $2.00 each if you would like us to assemble. 
  • Tags can be picked up October 7th if YOU are assembling yourself, or October 9th if WE are assembling....perfect.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!

These cards can be used year after year and your family will grow to love this tradition as much as I have.  Another thought is that you could use the inside of the place card to write what you are thankful for or a little comment about the dinner.  Your family members could date it and you read the simple little notes/thoughts the next year.  I know the cards are not overly huge (measure 4" wide by 3.5" when folded flat) but there is still room for a little "Best turkey ever!" or "Sweetie Pie ♥".


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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Closing Early TODAY

Hey Everyone.  Just a reminder that we will be open TODAY from 9am until 12 noon due to a scheduled power outage by Entegrus.

So here's the plan.  Get down to grab your paper supplies and fall flavoured desserts nice and early (wouldn't your family love you?). Then head towards the downtown mall where "Made in Canada" (event by local Etsy vendors) is taking place from 10-6.  Next get some more exercise strolling the downtown and visiting our beautiful downtown shops.  This incredible day is up for are you going to spend it?


Thursday, September 24, 2015

I told ya......

So when I told you the Zonta Christmas Card Making Extravaganza was going to sell out, I was NOT kidding.  In 2.5 days it was FULL.  Bravo ladies for creating an event that people cannot WAIT to be a part of.  Truly.  Just awesome.

Want to know something else?  These same incredible ladies have decided to host a SECOND Zonta Card Making Extravaganza!  Aren't they the best??  This will pretty much be a duplicate of the first event. Same creative projects.  Same great vendors/teachers.  Same great lunch and snacks.  Same perfect venue.  Same wonderful cause.

I may be bold in saying this, but I predict that THIS second day will sell out as well so don't delay!  Sign up online or visit Rubies beautiful store in Chatham to purchase your ticket!

Short Day THIS Saturday
As mentioned yesterday, due to a scheduled power outage, the store will only be open from 9am-12 noon this Saturday.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  As a side note, there will be some great additional shopping in downtown Chatham this Saturday.  Check out the Made in Canada event put on by Etsy in the Downtown Commons (patio area in front of Sears) from 10-6.  Thanks to Entegrus, I may get to do a little extra shopping Saturday!!  Whoot whoot!


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