Friday, October 9, 2015

Feminine Feel

Oh my.  I'm sorry to have been such a stranger.  You see, Trevor has got me hooked on a Netflix series called Downton Abbey.  Have you heard of it?  Of course you have heard of it!  I know people have been chatting about how great this show is for some time and I have had no interest because I truly don't watch tv.  I once followed Grey's Anatomy religiously but after falling behind on a series of missed shows two years ago (and no pvr) I decided that I would not have my life revolve around a silly show.

Well there goes that thought!  We are three shows deep and I am in love.   I am in love with everything about this show including Mr. Bates (like I was bawling for this poor man the first show!), the lives of the servants, the setting and the clothes!  Seriously, can the Crawley women be any more stunning in their beautiful gowns that they wear on a daily basis.  I want to wear feminine, pretty things.  Can't we all start a trend and start dressing again!

(Side note:  no show thanks to Thursday night football.  Good news, because I had time to blog!)

The show had me thinking of the pretty feminine things that ARE in my life.  Maybe I don't dress in elaborate gowns every day but I do try to surround myself with beautiful things.  Pretty beauties like this crocheted banner.  Is it not stunning?  I have posted about this item before (brought to you by a favourite, Crate Paper) and thankfully, it is back in stock.  Maybe the Crawley girls crochet?  Oh!  I DID notice the mother working on needle point during one of the first shows.....

 See?  The paper crafting world is pulling from other hobbies!  I think these wood veneer hoops from - who do you know? - Crate Paper would make the most stunning wall hanging or accent!  Look at these stunning samples that I found on Crate's blog.....
Perfect sample found on Crate Paper's blog

Another example from Crate's uber talented gals!

 And what would Mrs. Patmore say if she saw these in her kitchen??  Again, such pretty little sequins from Crate Paper.  Here is a little look at them packaged....
 This line may be a little too colourful for the women of Downton (it was all rather dark in the first few shows as they were in mourning) but I have a feeling they would love the floral patterns and colours in this collection called Confetti.  I have been bringing in bits and pieces of this collection but right now, I'm happy to say we have lots more in!  Check out the gorgeous papers, and chipboard stickers.

Pretty.  Pretty.  Pretty.  And there's lots more where that came from.  The collection called Documentary from Crate Paper is trickling in.  It too had beautiful patterns and colours that appeal to us, the gentler, softer sex.


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