Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ol' Fashioned Christmas

Is anyone else dreaming of a good old fashioned Christmas this year?  I want to go back to simpler times.  I want my kids to know a Christmas about traditions and not about presents.  I want to make gifts for those special people in my life.  I want to appreciate the little things.  Can't Christmas be like this?  

This beautiful line of 12x12 papers from Authentique remind me that a good ol' fashion Christmas IS still possible in this day and age.  And it can be as simple as cutting the paper above into 12 tags and adding these to your gifts this year.  Remember what I have told can look like a superstar with minimal effort thanks to the incredible designs from companies like Authentique.  Let's break it down....Step 1 - cut paper.  Step 2 - mount on cardstock slightly larger.  Step 3 - add a little distressing or glitter.  Step 4 - punch hole and add ribbon.  Step 5 - Watch loved ones go nuts about how thoughtful and creative you are.  Step 6 - celebrate how clever you are......As Mary Katherine of SNL would say...."Super-stahhhh!"

Have a look at a few of the other 12x12 papers I have brought in.  All 12x12 papers are $0.99 per sheet.

12x12 sheet of card stock stickers
which are beautiful embellishments for any project

6x6 paper pad

I'm so excited about this line.  It has me thinking about various themed gifts, wrapping ideas, etc.  I can't wait to see what you create!  Oh.  And speaking of tags, we will DEFINITELY be having our annual Christmas tag swap.  Look for details to come early November!


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