Saturday, October 31, 2015

ME TIME - Zonta Card Making Extravaganza - November 28

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I must admit that I am terrible at making time for myself.  I have good intentions of doing what I want but unless I block off the time, more times that not, it just doesn't happen.  Time gets gobbled up by chores, cooking, social media, etc.  I know I am not the only one who struggles with this.

Last Sunday, my good friend invited a bunch of girls over for a fun afternoon of crafting.  We brought our supplies and each went home with a beautiful mesh wreath that we made ourselves.  I must admit that I wondered if I should cancel because of all the work I had to get done before Halloween but I did not want to disappoint my friend.  I mean that is quite rude cancelling the day of the party.

I will tell you that those three hours at my friend's house felt SO good.  I chatted a little with the girl's but really, I focused on this new project and I was so proud of my finished product.  And yes, I did stand around admiring it when I got home.  Ha!  I could not believe that I made such a beautiful project.

Those few hours motivated me and gave me energy to make a nice meal for the family and continue the fun with Halloween crafting fun with the kids.  It is amazing that making time for ME made me a more productive and happy person.

So here's YOUR chance for a little ME time....for acquiring super powers before the holiday season.  Ha.  There are still spots available for Zonta's Christmas Card Making Extravaganza on Saturday November 28.  As you know, a second date was added due to the amazing response (yes, this event IS incredible!).

You will walk away with 8 projects and many new card making techniques to help you with future projects.  Even if you have NEVER stamped before, don't feel like this is something you should avoid.  Trust me.....I told the girls last Sunday that I only work with paper and I am not good at crafting with anything else!  But after that class, I was so proud of myself.  I think I even said to Trevor (while looking at the wreath) "I AM awesome."  You can feel that way too after your fun day.  Trust me.

Registration can be done in person at Rubies or go online to  I hope you will consider making time for you!


PS...Stop in today in costume (or with the kids in costume) and I think I may have a little treat for you!  Happy Halloween!

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