Friday, June 24, 2016

NEW Altenew

I think it is fair to say that you really like the new company Altenew!  I knew you would. You've got great taste!

A brand new shipment has arrived and it will be in store Saturday (open 10-3). I was so excited about this order that I HAD to bring a little work home with me. Shipping & Receiving on my back patio? Don't mind if I do!

Beautiful new sets including:
• Beautiful You
• Layered Lily (stamp and die)
• Beautiful Lady (stamp and die)
• Garden Grow 
• Sentiments & Quotes

You've also convinced me that I should give their inks a try so I brought in the mini sets in purple, red and blue. I'm a huge Tsukineko fan so we will see how these inks compare. I mean if Jennifer McGuire gave them the thumbs up, they must be ok. *wink*


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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Make a Statement - Unique Teacher Gifts!

Well it's almost that time of the year again.  I swear I bling and another week is done.

We've got one more "blink" to go and school is out.  Why not think outside the gift card rut and get get your favourite teacher a little something more memorable?  We have great supplies for that little DIY project you pinned on your board.....yes!  There is still time to do it and why not?

Great gifts can be pulled together easily by thinking a little and being creative,  Why not fill these adorable mini mason jars with the word "love" embossed on them with a grouping of pretty candies or loose leaf teas?  At $1.25 per jar, they are quite affordable to give a nice little grouping.  And the teacher will thank you when she can turn around and use them to organize at home or school.

Or how about trying a different type of jar already filled by the amazing Homebaked Kitchen - from our sister store?  Jen has beautiful jars filled with her signature cookie mixes.  All you have to do is add a few fresh ingredients (egg, butter, vanilla) and voila!  Fresh cookies ready for when you need them!  They are $12 each or 3 for $30.  Add a little tag and your gift is complete!

So what do you think?  Stop in and see what we've got.  The store is completely stocked right now with fabulous product and it is the perfect time for a visit.


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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Blessing

I am proud to introduce the newest member of the Homebaked Kitchen team. 

This is Jaeda Rayana Aitken. 
Born on Saturday, June 11 at 5:43pm. She weighed 7lbs and 12oz. 
And she is just perfect. Little delicate features and quiet as a mouse. 

The little family is doing well. Daddy will already do anything for his little girl and mama cannot stop smiling. 

Homebaked Kitchen will understandably be taking some time off to get to know this little girl better. The store is open with beautiful giftware still available. I will keep you posted on when baking will return. Your understanding is appreciated. 


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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dress Up Your Room or Next Party

I've brought in some fun product to dress up your next party or room.  These are Prima Marketing's Lanties.  They are nearly 6' and are battery operated (3 AA batteries required).  

 When I showed my kids, they went nuts for these!  We are going to use them as our night lights...thanks to rechargeable batteries! Note:  Now this is not their room but a photo I came across online.  How adorable are these?
 I brought in 5 different design (some made out of paper and some made out of plastic).  They are just too fun!

Special June Promotion
For the month of June, we will be offering the lanties at only $19.99 per strand.  Dress up your next party!

 Hot Air Balloons

We also have other great decor items in stock.  These hot air balloons are awesome.  They come as a three pack and are a great size - measuring 40cmx61cm.

Paper Lanterns

We have been carrying our staple paper lanterns for many years now and they are just too fun.  There are three sizes and more than a dozen colours.  Priced at $2.50, $3.50 and $6.00, they are an inexpensive way to make your party pop.

Aren't these adorable in a bedroom?!

Hope to see you soon!  I think today would be a perfect day for a visit.  Come and see me today (Saturday from 10-3)!!


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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Stars Are Aligning - Altenew & Prima

When I was at CHA this past winter, there was one new stamp company that really stood out to me.  That company was Altenew.  I did the little make and take with the owner and I was very impressed with the quality of the polymer stamps.  They were firm and stamped cleanly every time.  There was no beading of ink.  And the images?  Beautiful.

I am pleased to announce that Altenew is finally  here at The Paper Pickle!  Have a look at just some of the stamp sets that I have brought in.  You will see the beautiful stamp sets and I tried to pair with samples found on various blogs.  I will tell you that it was not hard  finding gorgeous samples.  Just google "Altenew" for yourself.  The stamping world is going NUTS for this company!

Vintage Flowers

 Many of Altenew's sets are a three step stamp meaning you can layer three stamps in various colours and shades to create some pretty incredible cards.  Have a look for yourself.....awesome.

Golden Garden
I really liked this set called Golden Garden as it was different than anything else I have carried.  I love the whimsical lines.  I adore what was beginning to create below with these stamps and some beautiful watercolors (take note...just a little foreshadowing for you with the reference to watercolors).

Painted Flowers
 This is the set I worked with at CHA and the reason I fell so hard.  Have a look at Lydia Evan's card.  So pretty.

Label Love
Need a versatile sentiment stamp set to pair with these florals and your collection?  This is it.

Way Too Sweet
You will notice this stamp set is a little more whimsical and fun compared to the elegant florals above but I could not resist.  I have a couple young stampers in my house that I know will have a lot of fun this summer creating cards with this set.

Wild Hibiscus
 When I found Lydia Evan's card using the wild Hibiscus stamp set, I knew I had to order it in.  She achieved a very different look with this set by stamping in a light pink ink and then coming in with watercolors to give it an incredible pop!

Bottle Of
 Hello fun guys cards!  Or friends cards or anything really!  I just love how different this set is.

So what do you think?  Have I picked a winner?  I cannot wait to get designing with these stamps!

Prima - Watercolor Confections

I made reference above to another amazing product that has made its way to The Pickle.  Check out Prima's high quality watercolor pan sets.  There are three to choose from:  Decadent Pies, The Classics and Tropicals. Isn't the packaging adorable?  Prima gets me every time with there incredible eye for detail. 

 Here is the inside of the set.  They come with these adorable little paint cubes that you unwrap like a little candy to expose these high quality, vibrant colours.  There are also 6 wells were you can mix paints.  They have also given you a swatch card so you can reference  for colour.  I HAD to get into these the moment they arrived.  I played with "The Classics" set and I really loved how vibrant these paints were.....a very nice compliment to the watercolor pencils from Prima that I adore.

 Here is a swatch sheet of colours by Kristina Werner.  Could you choose just one to get started?

So yeah.  It's all happening at The Pickle.  And trust me, this is not all.  Pop into the store  and see what else you can spy.


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Friday, June 3, 2016

Retrofest - You bring out the BEST in Our Town AND Me!

As a child, I was VERY shy.  I sat at the back of the classroom and didn't say a peep (ask my teacher Mrs. Debresser).  One of my aunts had recently reminded me of just how shy I was (not speaking, hiding behind adults legs, crying, etc.).  My Grandma Prada gave me a job at her hair salon when I was in Grade 10 to get me out of my shell...and the rest is history!  Ha.  Goodbye awkward silence....HELLO roller skates!  

I HAVE to laugh when I look at this picture because it looks like I have it all together.  Those who saw me in my "$3 Goodwill find" Retrofest Saturday know the truth.....I  nearly broke my neck a half dozen times (and that was in a matter of 30 minutes!).'s all fun, right!?

Yes.  Retrofest was last weekend and it truly IS my favourite.  I love being a downtown merchant and watching out city burst with pride, excitement and incredible cars.  As you know, I appreciate the old, the vintage, the beautiful.  

We had a bit of rain Saturday morning but that did not dampen people's spirits.  They were out in full force enjoying the day.  (Sigh).  Why can't it be Retrofest EVERY weekend?  

We celebrated the weekend with a sale, speciality cupcakes (strawberry lemonade and root beer float) and a make and take.  Have a look at the cute little tags people created using the Power Poppy set called Sassy Succulents. I am in love with succulents these days.  Has anyone else noticed they are EVERYWHERE!?  The best part is that they are nearly impossible to kill (especially these below!).  I loaded my fairy garden with them to save me from the disappointment of yet another wilted-beyond-help viola.
Sassy Succulents
While searching the net for a picture of the stamp set I used, I was floored by this simple yet incredible design by Tosha - a Power Poppy designer.  I just HAD to share.  I fall in love.  With paper.  Everyday.

Yes.  Retrofest was a success and I want it to linger. For those of you still high on the Retrofest fumes, check out these adorable notebooks I brought in just for the occasion.  They measure approximately 4x6 and are perfect for your purse.  And at $5.50, they are the perfect little treat.

The covers are so fun and you will be reminded of our awesome festival every time you look at it.

So what is the moral of the story?

  1. Celebrate your town and it's events or they will not take place. 
  2. Succulents are easy to grow and make you happy.  
  3. Don't be afraid to come out of your shell and look like a fool every once in a while.


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