Wednesday, October 28, 2015

No tricks...ONLY treats

You know us well enough at The Pickle....we don't care for tricks in terms of pricing, gimmicks, etc. (we'll leave that to the other guys).  Our goal has always been to provide you with only the best TREATS the paper crafting world has to offer.  And I must admit that now is a VERY dangerous time at The Pickle!  Our selection of product is incredible.  Beautiful product has been rolling in over the past couple months and we are ready for you and your paper projects!  PS...if you don't see what you need/want, just ask.  We would be happy to look into ordering for you.

Paper Packs Grab Bags
Stop in this week for amazing treats.  I have pulled together 10 sheets of designer 12x12 papers for $2.00! (Regular price $10+).  I can tell you that I grouped the papers by colour and/or theme and you get no more than 2 sheets of each paper in a pack.  I was nice and packaged them in clear bags so you can get a little preview of 2 sheets at least.....see?  No tricks here!

While you're in, check out the clearance table (or ironing board)!  Many new items have been added at awesome prices including dies, stamps, embellishments and more.

Happy Haunting...

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