Friday, June 12, 2009

We have made it in Print!

So about a week ago, I was told by our good friend and customer, Sheri, that we were in the new Canadian Scrapbooker magazine. She said there was a photo and little blurb mentioning our store by name. I did not believe her....but why would she lie? I HAD to get my hands on a copy to see for myself. After many attempts of trying to find our national magazine, I found the Real Canadian Superstore of all places! And sure enough, on page 38, there was a beautiful picture of our booth at Scrapfest. The article was about Scrapfest and how amazing this Canadian grown event is! And that it is! We had a blast at this years event.
Our picture focused on our jars of candy, I mean ribbon, that seems to be one of our hottest sellers. I admit we have a little bit of an obsession with ribbon. If you are ever looking for a specific colour of non-wired ribbon, I will bet money that we have may not be out in the jars, but we will more than likely have it in our back storage room! Just ask and we would be glad to "hunt" for it!

I wanted to include THE picture of our jars from the magazine, but was worried about the whole copyright/reproduction thing! So if you are out and about, pick up the Summer 2009 issue of Canadian Scrapbooker and enjoy!
PS...We were not the only Chathamites to get a photo in the magazine...our customers, Tara and Karen are shown on Page 39 showing their spirit and love of the hobby! Nice picture girls!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Hours!

Can you believe I am saying the word summer? It felt like it would NEVER get here! So as we do each summer, we will shorten our hours. Starting on Thursday, June 4th, our new SUMMER hours are as follows:

Tuesday to Friday.....10AM - 5:00PM

Saturday......10AM - 3:00PM

The only change is that we will be closing half an hour earlier Tuesday through Friday (we are normally open until 5:30). This is typically a slower time of the year for us so I hope you understand our eagerness to get home and be with our families and maybe get a little gardening done before the sun goes down! Here is a picture of what I hope my backyard looks like by the end of August (wink!)