Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Add a touch of class to your Thanksgiving Meal
What is a tradition?  It is a longstanding belief or custom that is passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth or by practice.

We have been talking a lot about traditions at our house lately.  Trevor was stressing the importance of tradition and I couldn't agree more.  But then he said that WE as a family do not have many traditions.  I thought that was bologna!  There are so many little things that we do that are traditions in our house including having a nice big breakfast as a family each Sunday or Trevor and the kids visiting with his mom each Saturday while I hang with you at the store.   I told him that in the moment, you may not realize that you are in fact creating traditions of your own.  And it is only when you look back that some of these little things you do or places you go have become a tradition.  I don't know.  Now that I read this, I wonder if my stance was a little weak.  What do you think?  (Shhh....don't tell Trev that.)

Kraft Card stock with matte embellishments
There is no debating that traditions are important.  My mom has a tradition at Christmas time where she puts out the same place cards with our names on it.  I love seeing my name in the familiar cursive font.  It is a simple little gesture but I feel like it adds a touch of class to our meal.  And I wanted to extend this idea to you and your table!
Ivory Linen Card stock with matte and shimmer embellishments
Designing stationery for weddings is a big part of my business.  This stationery includes not only invitations but other paper goods including place cards.  I decided to create a couple of crafty, Thanksgiving inspired place cards just in time for your big family gathering.

Place Card Orders - NOW through October 5th!
Now I know many of you are VERY crafty and your creations literally leave me speechless.  But I do know designing on the computer can be a challenge too.  So here's the way I can help you start a new little tradition:

  • Let me know which design and what names you need printed by October 5th (please stop in or email your names to
  • The price is $1.00 each if you use your crafting skills to assemble yourself.  It will just be a matter of gluing on the leaves or pumpkins and adding whatever other details you can think of!
  • The price is $2.00 each if you would like us to assemble. 
  • Tags can be picked up October 7th if YOU are assembling yourself, or October 9th if WE are assembling....perfect.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!

These cards can be used year after year and your family will grow to love this tradition as much as I have.  Another thought is that you could use the inside of the place card to write what you are thankful for or a little comment about the dinner.  Your family members could date it and you read the simple little notes/thoughts the next year.  I know the cards are not overly huge (measure 4" wide by 3.5" when folded flat) but there is still room for a little "Best turkey ever!" or "Sweetie Pie ♥".


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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Closing Early TODAY

Hey Everyone.  Just a reminder that we will be open TODAY from 9am until 12 noon due to a scheduled power outage by Entegrus.

So here's the plan.  Get down to grab your paper supplies and fall flavoured desserts nice and early (wouldn't your family love you?). Then head towards the downtown mall where "Made in Canada" (event by local Etsy vendors) is taking place from 10-6.  Next get some more exercise strolling the downtown and visiting our beautiful downtown shops.  This incredible day is up for are you going to spend it?


Thursday, September 24, 2015

I told ya......

So when I told you the Zonta Christmas Card Making Extravaganza was going to sell out, I was NOT kidding.  In 2.5 days it was FULL.  Bravo ladies for creating an event that people cannot WAIT to be a part of.  Truly.  Just awesome.

Want to know something else?  These same incredible ladies have decided to host a SECOND Zonta Card Making Extravaganza!  Aren't they the best??  This will pretty much be a duplicate of the first event. Same creative projects.  Same great vendors/teachers.  Same great lunch and snacks.  Same perfect venue.  Same wonderful cause.

I may be bold in saying this, but I predict that THIS second day will sell out as well so don't delay!  Sign up online or visit Rubies beautiful store in Chatham to purchase your ticket!

Short Day THIS Saturday
As mentioned yesterday, due to a scheduled power outage, the store will only be open from 9am-12 noon this Saturday.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  As a side note, there will be some great additional shopping in downtown Chatham this Saturday.  Check out the Made in Canada event put on by Etsy in the Downtown Commons (patio area in front of Sears) from 10-6.  Thanks to Entegrus, I may get to do a little extra shopping Saturday!!  Whoot whoot!


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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Basic Grey Calendar Kits & Early Closing Saturday

First of all, thank you for all the kind words that were prompted by my last post.  We seriously have THE cutest and nicest customers.  I don't know what brought on my sentimental post but it felt good writing it and it felt even better hearing from you.  A good lovefest and group hug is good for the soul. ♥

Now let's get down to business.  The 2016 Basic Grey Calendars are in!  You guys know how much I look forward to this project every year.  Remember that post where I was taking secret photos of it in the mall and the bank?  Ha.  Yes, I did that.  This is HOW much I love this project.

This little video shows the project in a little more detail.  The pages are pre-printed and you then get to dress the pages with various stickers, chipboard and of course your photos.  I haven't started mine yet.  This was all because I promised my children I would help clean their room (which was about 3 months over due btw) and prepare for our yard sale.  Oh my.  My advice is NEVER clean your kids room while they are present. There was a point where nothing was going in the yard sale pile as it magically turned into their "favourite toy EVER!".  Really.  There was actually a point where I HAD to reward them with some play time outside just so I could get things moving a little faster.  Ha.  I even debated sweeping everything in a pile and closing my eyes while I literally shoveled "the stuff" into a garbage bag all the while crossing my fingers in hopes I didn't need "that" someday.  I am proud to say I didn't quite get least not THIS time!

Anyways, these calendar kits are perfect for gifts and make sure to prep one for yourself.  Mine hangs proudly in our hallway near the laundry room.  I see it everyday and it makes me smile.  I have used random favourite photos from various years.  There is no pressure when I pull this kit together.  Basic Grey has done their job beautifully and I am thrilled to follow their instructions.

Saturday, September 26 - Closing Early
Just wanted to warn you that the store will be closing early Saturday due to a scheduled hydro outage.  If you need anything Saturday, please stop in between 9-12 (opening one hour earlier to accommodate you!).  We apologize for any inconvenience but this was out of our control.

FYI, there is still room in Debbie's card class on Wednesday, September 30 from 6-8pm.  Call the store or stop in to register!

Homebaked Kitchen News
Rumour has it that pumpkin and apple sweetie pies are BACK.  Just another reason why I love my sister.....well I love all three sisters but I may love Jen just a pinch more when I'm eating her pumpkin sweetie pies.  Ha.  Love you girls too, Kell and Krys!  ♥♥

Enjoy the day ♥

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Friday, September 18, 2015

I had no clue.....

Have a closer look at the saying on the stamp above....

You have probably seen this image on my blog and wondered about it.  It is amazing how this one tiny, little 2x2 rubber stamp can lead me to such deep reflection.  This stamp makes me smile, shake my head, laugh out loud, tear up and think.  All of these emotions and thoughts all because of one simple sentence....  

It is wild to think of the journey I have been on since 2002.  This was the year I purchased one of my first stamps, as an adult, at Rubies on Grand Avenue in Chatham.  I was planning a wedding and I discovered stamping.  I HAD to stamp and heat emboss all 200 (!!) menus with a beautiful scripty stamp.  It was not something I had time to do (as I started a new job, was renovating our home with the help of my mom and completing my accounting designation) but it was something that I HAD to do.  I found time to do what made me happy (yes, mostly likely at 2am).  I also stamped my programs and thank you cards and who know what else! (Lesson 1 - find time for what makes YOU happy!)

My sister Kell and I then discovered Stampin' Up.  We followed Maureen McGrail around from party to party.  We could NOT get enough of it.  We squealed with delight every time we learned a new technique....we just thought we were THE best stampers too!  I carried those cards from room to room, admiring my abilities.  Ha.  I look back at those cards now and have to laugh.  They were so simple but hey, they made me SO happy (Lesson 2 -  be proud of your abilities no matter what stage you are at!)

This love of the hobby then lead to thoughts of opening our own store (Kell and I) where we would rent stamps!  What a great idea as stamps were only really mass distributed at that time as wood mount which we all know are more expensive.  Today we are so lucky to have high quality polymer stamps and cling mount stamps which help keep stamping more affordable.  (Lesson 3 - follow your dreams and what you are most passionate about).  

The purpose of my post is not to give you the full history of "The Pickle".  My post is to reflect on this amazing journey and all the friendships I have made through a hobby (going through photos on my computer has made me so sentimental these days...ha!).  I have seen many of you form strong friendships of your own by taking classes with other like minded people.  How cool to think that we many have been the "connectors" for you and your "besties".  

I have watched many of the young children, who tagged along with their mothers, grow into their own.  Many of them have moved on to high school, college and some have families of their own.  I have worked on some of your wedding stationery designs and then your baby shower invites and announcements.  This to me is AWESOME!  I get to watch life happen (from pretty wicked space I must say thanks to our amazing landlords!) 

I know the intention of this stamp sentiment was probably to make you laugh at first glance (like holy shit moley, how did I get so much stuff!  When did this happen?  HOW did this happen?) but to me it means so much more than that.  You guys are so cool.  Keep bringing in your show and tells.  Keep documenting those memories.  I am honoured to be a part of your lives.  


PS....And don't forget to keep me on track.  We learn from each other.  Keep me posted on products you'd love to see in the store and techniques you'd love to learn.  ♥

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

This event WILL sell out!

Click image for details

You know you have a great event when it sells out year after year.  And what's not to like about it? You doing what you love for 5+ hours.  Lunch included.  Shopping.  Knowing you are supporting a great cause.  It is a win-win all around! ♥

We have been a part of this tremendous event since the VERY beginning and there is good reason for this.....simply because it is AWESOME.  You will move to 8 different stations throughout the day creating gorgeous projects.  This is the Christmas session with all cards/tags etc. having this same theme (fyi....there is a session in the spring as well).

Trust me when I say it WILL sell out.  Don't even hesitate or wait for your friend.  Sign up today!  And don't say I didn't warn you.....


PS....we have sold out of the Thinlits Holiday words and Celebrate set (mentioned in yesterday's blog).  Please call the store if you are interested in either of these and we would be happy to order for you.  More are expected in about 7-10 days time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Thinlits LOVE!

Thinlits Fall Foliage
The perfect dies for any time of the year!

With the smell of fall in the air, you can count a few sure things at The Pickle including:
  • The return of classes (check out my post from Saturday for details - there is still room in all classes!)
  • The store becoming full, I mean FULL with beautiful new product

Today I thought I would show you some of the Sizzix Thinlits dies that are in the store now.  These dies are made of a high quality metal and are wafer thin like our Memory Box dies that we have been carrying and loving for years.  They come in a very nice plastic envelope and can be stored safely without taking up a lot of space.
These are the matching dies to the tremendously popular cling stamp set
(which is back in stock by the way)

Here is a look at one of the stamped birds and the coordinating dies.  Check out this awesome tutorial I found on Sizzix' blog for a shaker tag (a must try!).  I love the other little bird peeking in from the side! 
Thinlits - Celebrate Script
Very versatile words and great font choice!

Thinlits - Tattered Florals
This set is the perfect compliment to some of your
other dimensional floral dies
(you know how I love my Spellbinders floral dies from all those years ago!).
This set makes much smaller florals and even comes
with the quilling tool to help make a perfect flower every time!

I know it's early but I KNOW you are all thinking of your Christmas card design.
Truly, these dies are the perfect compliment to any card or tag design.
A+ for font choice!

These dies can be used in any machine including Cuttlebug, Big Shot and more.  

Hope you are having a great day!  Don't forget to come in to have a look at our class projects in person!


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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Classes are Back! Register Today!!

Another reason why fall is one of my favourite times of the year is because classes resume at The Pickle!  We are easing back into the swing of things with two class offerings which I hope you like!  Please call the store and leave a message to reserve your spot (no emails, facebook messages, etc) and then come in to pay.  This is the easiest way to ensure you are guaranteed a spot.  

Grab a friend and treat yourself to a fun day/night out!  You will learn so much and have a lot of fun.  Want me to sweeten the pot?  All classes include a Homebaked Kitchen cupcake, french macaron (gluten free) or granola bar (gluten free)!  Please specify when booking.  Mmmmm....

Cards by Debbie
You will create these two cards in Debbie's class.  Numerous techniques and products will be used including stamping, working with various dies, embossing, working with various inks to create gorgeous backgrounds and more!  I love these cards as they are perfect for any occasion.  A great class for students of all levels.

Dates:  Wednesday September 23 1-3pm OR Wednesday September 30 6-8pm
Cost:  $17+hst
Required Supplies:  Adhesive and scissors

Clipboard Wall Hanging with Kim
From the moment these adorable 8x8" clipboards came in, I have been dying to create a fun project to share with you.  I am very happy with the way it came together too.  I have designed it so 6x6 page layouts can be swapped out as you create new memories and print new pictures.  These layouts can then be assembled in a 6x6 album.  Some elements of the project are stationary and you can easily display new layouts with ease.  As you know, I am one who loves to scrapbook and have my projects out for viewing and this project is the perfect little addition to your craft room, office or anywhere!  This makes me happy.

Date:  Thursday September 24 from 6-8pm
Cost:  $25+hst
Required Supplies:  adhesive, scissors, one 4x6 photo

Both projects can be viewed in store.  Come on in TODAY and have a peek.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are you ready for!!

A little quote I found on my computer
that I thought you would like.

So today was the big day.  The start of the 2015 NFL Season.  Whoop-de-do you say?  I will be honest.  It is my favourite time of the year.  The hubby is occupied with his silly fantasy league and I am FREE (yes, free!) to do whatever I please on Sundays (and now Thursday nights♥).  This typically includes little stamping and creating and pasting and imagining.  Oh it is wonderful.  The weeds gardens are slowing down.  Hubby will smoke some meats for dinner so that means an easy dinner night for me.  It is glorious.  (Can you you tell it is the beginning of the season and I NEEDED badly!).  It was time to slow down and get back into a nice routine.

Tonight I began working on my class blog post (which will be posted early Saturday morning by the way) but then I got sidetracked looking at old blog posts and photos on my computer.  Do you understand how important it is to document these memories?  I am THANKFUL for all these reminders of wonderful times in my life.  The last blog post I read was one year ago when Jen and I opened our doors as a joint store.  This post made my day.  It was titled "On Cloud 9".  Have a little read if you have time.  The post the night before also cracked me up (I am so funny! Haha) with all the blurry pictures my son took of the new store and the one perfectly clear picture of his dinky car.  Memories.....I'm still smiling.

I have been following along with Heidi Swapp's facebook posts lately.  She has always been a big believer in documenting your life.  But ever since losing her son two months ago, she has been stressing its importance even more.  Maybe this is what got me digging into my old photos and posts on my computer tonight.  I have a feeling you are going to see even more memory-type projects from me this "football season".


PS...If you have been wondering if anything new is in store, the answer is a very loud and clear YES!  Memory Box autumn and Christmas.  Tim Holtz thinlets (leaves, Christmas, birds, etc).  Halloween papers.  Nuance by Magenta.  Etc.  Etc.  Hey, a girl has to be ready for football season, doesn't she?  Ha.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Product Alert - Crate Paper - WONDER

Inspired by Lisa Parkin's 7 year old daughter, I introduce to you Wonder!  I showed Julia this collection and she went did I!  Anyone who loves pretty little things will adore this line.

12x12 Paper Pad includes 48 sheets of designer paper

I brought in a few loose 12x12 sheets including this adorable design.
This are great embellishments for cards or layouts.

This is a great wood veneer element that measured
approximately 8.5x11".

12x12 Chipboard Sheet 

Two sheets of stickers which include foil elements.
Only the most adorable Thicker design ever!

Very versatile kraft corrugated Thickers.

All items are in store now.  As mentioned yesterday, stop in and try out the new Heatwave Tool from We R Memory Keepers ($39.95).


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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Heatwave. Too COOL.

It's funny that I always test new products right before bed. I get all excited and want to play all night and then I can't sleep because I'm so pumped!  Ha. 

This is the new Heatwave tool from We R Memory Keepers (THE innovators of the paper craft world). All you need are three AA batteries and the foil. The tool works extremely well. I tried it free hand and with stencils. 

Stop in anytime after lunch today or during store hours the rest of the week and try it for yourself. Very fun!

I think every card from now on will have my signature in gold foil!  I'm not even kidding....


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