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Add a touch of class to your Thanksgiving Meal
What is a tradition?  It is a longstanding belief or custom that is passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth or by practice.

We have been talking a lot about traditions at our house lately.  Trevor was stressing the importance of tradition and I couldn't agree more.  But then he said that WE as a family do not have many traditions.  I thought that was bologna!  There are so many little things that we do that are traditions in our house including having a nice big breakfast as a family each Sunday or Trevor and the kids visiting with his mom each Saturday while I hang with you at the store.   I told him that in the moment, you may not realize that you are in fact creating traditions of your own.  And it is only when you look back that some of these little things you do or places you go have become a tradition.  I don't know.  Now that I read this, I wonder if my stance was a little weak.  What do you think?  (Shhh....don't tell Trev that.)

Kraft Card stock with matte embellishments
There is no debating that traditions are important.  My mom has a tradition at Christmas time where she puts out the same place cards with our names on it.  I love seeing my name in the familiar cursive font.  It is a simple little gesture but I feel like it adds a touch of class to our meal.  And I wanted to extend this idea to you and your table!
Ivory Linen Card stock with matte and shimmer embellishments
Designing stationery for weddings is a big part of my business.  This stationery includes not only invitations but other paper goods including place cards.  I decided to create a couple of crafty, Thanksgiving inspired place cards just in time for your big family gathering.

Place Card Orders - NOW through October 5th!
Now I know many of you are VERY crafty and your creations literally leave me speechless.  But I do know designing on the computer can be a challenge too.  So here's the way I can help you start a new little tradition:

  • Let me know which design and what names you need printed by October 5th (please stop in or email your names to
  • The price is $1.00 each if you use your crafting skills to assemble yourself.  It will just be a matter of gluing on the leaves or pumpkins and adding whatever other details you can think of!
  • The price is $2.00 each if you would like us to assemble. 
  • Tags can be picked up October 7th if YOU are assembling yourself, or October 9th if WE are assembling....perfect.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!

These cards can be used year after year and your family will grow to love this tradition as much as I have.  Another thought is that you could use the inside of the place card to write what you are thankful for or a little comment about the dinner.  Your family members could date it and you read the simple little notes/thoughts the next year.  I know the cards are not overly huge (measure 4" wide by 3.5" when folded flat) but there is still room for a little "Best turkey ever!" or "Sweetie Pie ♥".


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