Saturday, October 31, 2015

ME TIME - Zonta Card Making Extravaganza - November 28

The perfect image for today's post
found on the blog - LemonLime Adventures

I must admit that I am terrible at making time for myself.  I have good intentions of doing what I want but unless I block off the time, more times that not, it just doesn't happen.  Time gets gobbled up by chores, cooking, social media, etc.  I know I am not the only one who struggles with this.

Last Sunday, my good friend invited a bunch of girls over for a fun afternoon of crafting.  We brought our supplies and each went home with a beautiful mesh wreath that we made ourselves.  I must admit that I wondered if I should cancel because of all the work I had to get done before Halloween but I did not want to disappoint my friend.  I mean that is quite rude cancelling the day of the party.

I will tell you that those three hours at my friend's house felt SO good.  I chatted a little with the girl's but really, I focused on this new project and I was so proud of my finished product.  And yes, I did stand around admiring it when I got home.  Ha!  I could not believe that I made such a beautiful project.

Those few hours motivated me and gave me energy to make a nice meal for the family and continue the fun with Halloween crafting fun with the kids.  It is amazing that making time for ME made me a more productive and happy person.

So here's YOUR chance for a little ME time....for acquiring super powers before the holiday season.  Ha.  There are still spots available for Zonta's Christmas Card Making Extravaganza on Saturday November 28.  As you know, a second date was added due to the amazing response (yes, this event IS incredible!).

You will walk away with 8 projects and many new card making techniques to help you with future projects.  Even if you have NEVER stamped before, don't feel like this is something you should avoid.  Trust me.....I told the girls last Sunday that I only work with paper and I am not good at crafting with anything else!  But after that class, I was so proud of myself.  I think I even said to Trevor (while looking at the wreath) "I AM awesome."  You can feel that way too after your fun day.  Trust me.

Registration can be done in person at Rubies or go online to  I hope you will consider making time for you!


PS...Stop in today in costume (or with the kids in costume) and I think I may have a little treat for you!  Happy Halloween!

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trick or Treat Craftin'

Halloween Treats for the School

I had a wonderful Sunday afternoon wreath making at a friends house.  I wanted to keep the fun going so I prepped the paper and the treats and the kids and I sat down at the kitchen table to craft.

I can tell you that Julia will sit with me for hours pasting and drawing etc.  She worked diligently on her 27 treats for the class and I was proud watching her glue her tags and write (in cursive I might add) her Happy Halloween message.

Coulter on the other hand, does not sit still for quite as long but he is always eager to listen and please his mom.  He wrote his name on all 16 halloween tags along with his sister.  What a good boy!

The treats were very simple.  Two mini freezies wrapped with an adorable paper from Crate Paper (including many Halloween words).  The tags were then fastened to the treats with bakers twine.  Not too much but just enough for the kids I believe.  To me the exercise was about teaching my children the importance of thinking of others and taking the time to show we care about them.  It is not about ME rushing around for them to get the job done.  As I get older, I think (and hope!) I am figuring out what this life is ALL about.  Score one for the good guys. tricks only treats!


PS....We have amazing 12x12 paper grab bags for $2 this week and many items added to our clearance table.  It's all beautiful product that has been in the store...just time to make room for all the new!  Check out the treats.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

No tricks...ONLY treats

You know us well enough at The Pickle....we don't care for tricks in terms of pricing, gimmicks, etc. (we'll leave that to the other guys).  Our goal has always been to provide you with only the best TREATS the paper crafting world has to offer.  And I must admit that now is a VERY dangerous time at The Pickle!  Our selection of product is incredible.  Beautiful product has been rolling in over the past couple months and we are ready for you and your paper projects!  PS...if you don't see what you need/want, just ask.  We would be happy to look into ordering for you.

Paper Packs Grab Bags
Stop in this week for amazing treats.  I have pulled together 10 sheets of designer 12x12 papers for $2.00! (Regular price $10+).  I can tell you that I grouped the papers by colour and/or theme and you get no more than 2 sheets of each paper in a pack.  I was nice and packaged them in clear bags so you can get a little preview of 2 sheets at least.....see?  No tricks here!

While you're in, check out the clearance table (or ironing board)!  Many new items have been added at awesome prices including dies, stamps, embellishments and more.

Happy Haunting...

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ol' Fashioned Christmas

Is anyone else dreaming of a good old fashioned Christmas this year?  I want to go back to simpler times.  I want my kids to know a Christmas about traditions and not about presents.  I want to make gifts for those special people in my life.  I want to appreciate the little things.  Can't Christmas be like this?  

This beautiful line of 12x12 papers from Authentique remind me that a good ol' fashion Christmas IS still possible in this day and age.  And it can be as simple as cutting the paper above into 12 tags and adding these to your gifts this year.  Remember what I have told can look like a superstar with minimal effort thanks to the incredible designs from companies like Authentique.  Let's break it down....Step 1 - cut paper.  Step 2 - mount on cardstock slightly larger.  Step 3 - add a little distressing or glitter.  Step 4 - punch hole and add ribbon.  Step 5 - Watch loved ones go nuts about how thoughtful and creative you are.  Step 6 - celebrate how clever you are......As Mary Katherine of SNL would say...."Super-stahhhh!"

Have a look at a few of the other 12x12 papers I have brought in.  All 12x12 papers are $0.99 per sheet.

12x12 sheet of card stock stickers
which are beautiful embellishments for any project

6x6 paper pad

I'm so excited about this line.  It has me thinking about various themed gifts, wrapping ideas, etc.  I can't wait to see what you create!  Oh.  And speaking of tags, we will DEFINITELY be having our annual Christmas tag swap.  Look for details to come early November!


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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Looking to get a little crafty this Halloween?  Yes, please. With lots of treat bags to prep for the kids class, I am looking for easy peasy without taking away the crafty "wow" factor.  Hey.  Life doesn't have to be hard and taking the easy way out CAN be done in a fashionable manner.

From the moment I saw the 12x12 paper above from Carta Bella, I knew these would be great for the class treats.  The cards measure 2x2.5" and you get 30 (!!) per sheet for $0.99 (SCORE!).  Ahem.  That's 3 cents per tag.

I have also brought in some adorable 3x5.5" kraft and white paper bags ($0.15 each).  Have a look at how simple and FUN they are.  All you have to do is add a little twine, glue the tag to the front and fill with the kids favourite treats.  Now that's FUN and DONE. Score one for the busy crafter!  The kids can certainly help with these too.

 Here are a few of the other 12x12 designer papers I brought in from Carta Bella.  I absolutely love the weight and texture of the paper.

If you want to get just a little more "fancy" with your treat bags, add Tim's Halloween script word dies to the project.  There is a great selection of words to use for years to come.

Want to keep "building" to the project?  Why not add some creative stencils?  These bats are perfect.

With Halloween only 10 days away, it's time to stop looking and start doing.  You've got this!


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Friday, October 16, 2015

Christmas AND Halloween Paper Crafting Treats

Snowflake Love Pendant
 I know it seems wrong, but it really is time to start thinking about Christmas.  So many of us adore making cards for our loved ones....and there can be a lot to send!  Who wants card making and paper crafting to feel like a chore?  Not me.
Poinsettia Ribbon

That's why you will see swarms of Christmas dies, stamps, stencils and papers flooding the store right now.  Have a look at the incredible dies that arrived this week from Memorybox and Poppy Stamps.

Stitched Snowflake Circle

Twinkling Snowflake Duo

Stacked Stockings
We have also brought in some adorable stamps from Memorybox and Poppy Stamps.  Aren't those penguins and reindeer stamps so cute?  (She thinks I'm cute!).

Christmas Delights

We've brought in quite a few cling sentiments
for all of you looking for something different this year!

You Keep me in Stitches

What about Halloween?
Some of you may have thought I have skipped right past Halloween.  Not a chance!  Halloween goodies have been appearing at The Pickle.  Check out these pumpkin dies.  Perfect for Halloween (draw on a little jack-o-lantern face) and Thanksgiving (keep as is).  I actually used these dies on my Thanksgiving place cards.

It's not even funny how many Halloween papers I brought in this year!  

Crate Paper - After Dark 6x6

Pebbles - Boo 6x6

I have brought in 6x6 pads and loose 12x12 sheets.  A great selection for some fun treats for the kids class or for those special kids in your life.  Heck, these papers are so cute, you will be making up great loot bags for the whole neighbourhood.  Ha.  I'll share my creations next week!


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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Did you Know?

The Paper Pickle is so much more than just a simple stamping and scrapbooking supply store with only basic supplies.  You have seen my various post about our gorgeous party supplies including paper lanterns, crocheted garland, paper bunting pads and more.  We also have supplies for other beautiful paper crafts you may be interested in.  Have a look.

Quilling Supplies

Here is an example I found online of a beautifully quilled card

Quilling is hot!  I know many of you have been asking if we carry quilling supplies.  I have brought them in over the years.  We now have lots of beautiful paper packs for quilling in store now.  We also stock many of the tools including  the circle sizer ruler and needle and slotted tool set.  What I like about quilling is that the supplies are very well priced and the results are incredible.

There are wonderful patterns and DIY videos on line to help you get started.  Have a look at this site I came across.  It is amazing what is made from paper!

Adorn-It Paintables are Back!
We all know how hot adult colouring is.  So many of you have asked if we would be getting any of the adult colouring books in.  I must admit that I have been tempted.  I like to stock the store with rare and special finds and with books popping up everywhere from grocery stores to book stores, I have decided that they are not to be ordered.
Perfect for water colouring
 I will however continue to stock these pretty, high quality 12x12 sheets from Adorn-It.
Colour and make a simple card or tag
Each of these can be coloured using anything from watercoloured pencils, to copics to markers and even crayons.
Only $1.99 per sheet for LOTS of fun

I love the whimsical feel of these designs.
Perfect for any occasion.
And priced at $1.99 per sheet, you can have a lot of fun and feel like a kid again.  Cut it into 12 3x4 rectangles and turn them into so much, tags, inserts into albums.

Happy Crafting!


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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

You've Got to Start Sometime!

I'm busy training a new one in the receiving department tonight. The regular "girl" was off for the night watching her cousins play basketball so it was time to sub in the new "boy". 

You will be happy work is continuing as usual too!  Amazing product from Authentique, Crate Paper, Bazzill, Spellbinders, Peel Offs and more have graced our receiving table/department tonight which means new product in store tomorrow for you!  Spot anything you've been eyeing lately?!?  Truly, those cork Thickers are sweet!

I was just told I'm the best boss/mom ever. Think he's looking for a promotion on his first day?  Ha. How could I say no to that face?!?  

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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Friday, October 9, 2015

Feminine Feel

Oh my.  I'm sorry to have been such a stranger.  You see, Trevor has got me hooked on a Netflix series called Downton Abbey.  Have you heard of it?  Of course you have heard of it!  I know people have been chatting about how great this show is for some time and I have had no interest because I truly don't watch tv.  I once followed Grey's Anatomy religiously but after falling behind on a series of missed shows two years ago (and no pvr) I decided that I would not have my life revolve around a silly show.

Well there goes that thought!  We are three shows deep and I am in love.   I am in love with everything about this show including Mr. Bates (like I was bawling for this poor man the first show!), the lives of the servants, the setting and the clothes!  Seriously, can the Crawley women be any more stunning in their beautiful gowns that they wear on a daily basis.  I want to wear feminine, pretty things.  Can't we all start a trend and start dressing again!

(Side note:  no show thanks to Thursday night football.  Good news, because I had time to blog!)

The show had me thinking of the pretty feminine things that ARE in my life.  Maybe I don't dress in elaborate gowns every day but I do try to surround myself with beautiful things.  Pretty beauties like this crocheted banner.  Is it not stunning?  I have posted about this item before (brought to you by a favourite, Crate Paper) and thankfully, it is back in stock.  Maybe the Crawley girls crochet?  Oh!  I DID notice the mother working on needle point during one of the first shows.....

 See?  The paper crafting world is pulling from other hobbies!  I think these wood veneer hoops from - who do you know? - Crate Paper would make the most stunning wall hanging or accent!  Look at these stunning samples that I found on Crate's blog.....
Perfect sample found on Crate Paper's blog

Another example from Crate's uber talented gals!

 And what would Mrs. Patmore say if she saw these in her kitchen??  Again, such pretty little sequins from Crate Paper.  Here is a little look at them packaged....
 This line may be a little too colourful for the women of Downton (it was all rather dark in the first few shows as they were in mourning) but I have a feeling they would love the floral patterns and colours in this collection called Confetti.  I have been bringing in bits and pieces of this collection but right now, I'm happy to say we have lots more in!  Check out the gorgeous papers, and chipboard stickers.

Pretty.  Pretty.  Pretty.  And there's lots more where that came from.  The collection called Documentary from Crate Paper is trickling in.  It too had beautiful patterns and colours that appeal to us, the gentler, softer sex.


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