Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sidewalk Sales Extended!

The VanRoboys' birds have heard that today will be filled with rain.  We have also heard that they have decided to not close King Street for the Downtown Sidewalk Sales due to rain and high winds (I imagine sale are still taking place inside).

Since we know many of our customers are made of sugar, and going out in the rain is not good for your well being, we have decided to extend our sidewalk days into next week as well.  We will have a sales table today but to be fair to all the sweeties out there, the sale will continue from Thursday-Saturday (Please note that the store will be closed Wednesday July 1st for Canada Day!).

Hey I am always one to look on the bright side.  A full weekend of rain could mean some serious, guilt free paper crafting!  Enjoy.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sidewalk Sales - June 27!

So Downtown Chatham is holding their Annual Sidewalk Sales THIS Saturday, June 27.  You only have ONE DAY to to save so do not miss out.  I am not doing a store wide sale but what I can tell you is that we are going to have LOTS and LOTS of great items on sale.  These items are looking for good homes.  I bet you could work wonders with them!  Items include:

  • Copic Sketch Markers - 50% off all remaining!
  • Select Card stock - 50% off
  • Select designer 12x12 Papers - 50% off
  • Select Embossing Folders - 50% off
  • Etc., Etc., Etc..... is not too late to stop in for great teacher gifts!  How about a Paper Pickle or Homebaked Kitchen gift card?  Fresh baked gourmet desserts?  Beautiful foiled note books from Heidi Swapp?  Mason jars with Show Toppers filled with candies?  We've got you covered.

Hope to see you soon.


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Monday, June 22, 2015

Gift Wrapping Scrapping

Who says things like washi tape or wood embellishments and meant for cards and page layouts only?  Your next gift wrapping project can be creative and fun!

This was a graduation gift for my nephew who just graduated from college.  I found the funniest book called "F" this Test that had real test question and student's real, funny responses.  Our inscription read "Now you can finally say.... once and for all.  Happy Graduation Day".  He thought it was hilarious...or maybe he was just laughing to humour me.  Either way, I was smiling.

The moral of the story is....use your paper crafting supplies in non traditional ways.  This washi tape, twine and wooden stars added so much to a very simple and basic wrap.  And don't be afraid to use it this way!  Honestly you get like a million meters of washi on one roll.  Go on.  Share the love of your hobby.


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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gift Idea #2 - Mason Jar with Creative Tag

Today, as I waited for a repair man, I decided to put my down time to good use.  I thought the store needed a little cheer so I cut some beautiful coreopsis from my garden, grabbed a spare mason jar and headed to the craft room to make a little tag.  This is a great little gift that does not have to cost a fortune and you can pull together in 20 minutes tops!

I started by cutting a square from the gorgeous Webster's Pages 12x12 sheet called What a Day.  This sheet is filled with possibilities.  What I think is smart, is to chop up the sheet and have these 2x2 squares ready for when you need it.  Perfect for tags, cards or embellishments on pages.  The colours are incredible!  Here's a closer look....

The next step was to crack open a pack of Simple Stories Bits and Pieces from the "I AM" collection.  You guys all know what I think of this line!  Seriously there are tons and tons of fun in this pack.  The colours are so vibrant and what you cannot see here is all the fabulous gold foil......lovvvvveee it.

Finally a little signature twine, some gorgeous burlap/lace combo from our local fabric store (RB Fabrics) and a MFT paper flower that I already had cut from another day (yay me!) and a little distress ink.  That's it.  Done.  

This. Makes. Me. Happy.


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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Card Class!

Ok.  We are back with THE cutest, "funnest" class ever.  Have a look at the above photo.  Are those birds not adorable?  Debbie will show you how to create two original looking cards using the same stamp.  You will be working with distress inks and stencils, watercolor pencils, stamps, enamel dots etc.

Date:  Wednesday, June 24th
Time:  1-3pm
Cost:  $17+hst (includes a Homebaked cupcake...yum!)
Required Supplies:  scissors, adhesive
Suggested Supplies:  watercolor pencils

Kits - New!
Anyone interested in a kit and you are attending the class, please let us know and we would be happy to reserve a kit for you to prepare at home.  The cost is $5.00 and you will get everything for the two cards above.

If you are interested in a kit but are not attending the class, we would be happy to set aside a kit for you.  The cost is $10.

How to Register:
Please call the store to register (519.351.5220).  You can leave a message after hours and we will fill the spots in order of messages received.  Alternatively, you can stop into the store in person.  The cards are in store now.  Have a look at how vibrant and beautiful they are in person.

If we have enough interest, we would like to run an evening class this summer.  Please let us know if you would like to us to make this happen!

In case you are wondering, this is the Bird Crazy stamp set from Tim Holtz that is ALL over the internet right now.  In fact it is SO hot that it is near impossible to get your hands on these days.  I do have some on back order and they should be in shortly.  Please let me know if you are interested in a set.


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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kill them with Kindness - Gift Idea #1

This is the time of the year when I am scrambling to keep my sh*t  stuff together.  School is still in.  The kids fall/winter/spring activities are still happening.  The kids spring/summer activities have begun.  Hubby's office is hopping.  "Gardening" needs me.  "Crafting" needs me too.  There are BBQs and reunions popping up like no one's business.

This is also the time of the year that I need teacher gifts, hostess gifts, birthday presents....STAT!  I'm sure you, too, are "running the race" as I like to say.  Let's get through this....together!

Today, I am here to:
  1. Calm you down (If I can do it, YOU can do it!)
  2. Show you how to be a life/crafting etc.
  3. Show you how to win brownie points with friends, teachers and the like

What do you think of this little project?  It literally took me 10 minutes to prepare.

  • Memorable gift?  Check!  
  • Nice gift?  Check!  
  • Useful gift?  Check!

This is a great craft for all those people you need gifts for in the very busy month of June.  The best part, I think, is that with 5 products MAX, a very nice, memorable and thoughtful gift can come together.  Honestly, every time your friend/teacher/acquaintance looks at this gift, they will be reminded of how caring and thoughtful YOU are.  Give yourself a pat on the back, you rockstar you!

Products Required:

We R Memory Keepers Wooden Frames are available in two colours.  The teal may be a little feminine (but seriously one of my favourite colours these days!) but the gray is nice and neutral and can work with any photo, and in any room!  The opening holds a 4x6 photo and the frame measures approximately 8.5x11.

Heidi Swapp has some beautiful wood veneer words including:  Beautiful, family, celebrate, remember, journey, you are here, best day ever.  They are nice and bold and work well on this size frame.  They are also perfect on a 12x12 layout.

Have I told you how much I love Prima lately?  I used a grouping of three paper blooms from the Bedtime Story collection.  Aren't they the prettiest things you have ever seen?  You could also make these blossoms yourself but for me, it is all about time.  Kim-1.  Time-0.

So what cha' think?  Want to try one?  I dare you to be a rockstar.

I will leave you with a funny little story.  On Saturday I had the brainstorm that I was going to work on this frame over the weekend.  There was this white little thing (seen above) that was included with the frame.  At first I thought it was a piece of chalk (hey, we all know how hot chalk is these days so it could have been possible),  But it was wooden.  My mind next thought it was some kind of distressing tool that the company so nicely included.  I mean the frame does have a distressed look and maybe they gave you a tool to distress a little more (quite possible for a girl who "destroys" everything I touch).  My friend Liz was in the store and she can tell you how I was working my tool all along the sides to give a nice "white" distress to add to the "brown" distress already on the frame.  Well it wasn't until tonight while about to begin my blog photo shoot that I realized it was the POST to hold up your frame on a table top!  There are also multiple hooks to hang the frame but this was the little post!  Wow.  I guess you guys now know how this brain of mine works!  I look like an idiot so you don't have to! is still going on on our road.  Feel free to park in the lot across from the store (old Chatham Daily News lot) and DO NOT PAY.  If you get a ticket, let me know I will personally take it up with the city.


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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Memory Box ♥ Spring Fling ♥

Is this card NOT incredible?
We've got the small forest archway in stock.

There are many die companies out there but I will admit that my favourite is Memory Box (and their sister company, Poppy).  The designs are incredible and the quality of the thin dies is second to none. 

A second shipment of the 2015 spring release has just arrived.  Take a look....what beautiful creations can you dream of using these dies?
English Rose Bouquet

Row of Poppies

Floating Butterfly Frame

Reverse Butterfly Collage

Citrus Leaves

Breezy Waves
Friendly Kitties
Flower Stack
Cottage Flowers
Elegant Musical Staff

Memory Box Stamps
 Here are a few new pretties for you stamp lovers.....I brought all of these in cling to keep the price right!

Reach for the Stars

Patient Benjamin Fox

Blooming Sketch Border

Memory Box Stencils
Is this stencil not perfect for days like this?

Pretty.  Pretty.  Pretty.  If the weather stays nice, I have big plans for some of these new dies and stamps on my outdoor patio this weekend.....look out!  Nothing better than crafting on the patio.  Who says you have to paper craft indoors?


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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Decisions. Decisions.

I've got a real problem right now.  I mean a BIG problem.  Every night (well on those nights that do not involve either soccer or singing lessons) so yeah, like 4 nights a week, I am forced to decide how I will spend my free time.  I know you guys are all in the same boat too.  Free time is scarce and we MUST make hard choices.

In the winter it's easy.....paper crafting is the clear winner.  I do not watch TV (well, except for American Idol) and I like to be active.  Nothing makes me happier than to be in my craft room listening to John Tesh share his team's wisdom.  Side note:  "Did you know that people who choose the self check out aisle consume 14,000 fewer calories per year?".  This is all because we are not tempted by those impulse buys while waiting in line!  Who knew?

Where was I?....
However, this time of the year (yes, glorious SPRING!) causes me much agony.  I absolutely feel the need to work with my pretty papers (have you been in the store and seen all the wonderful items?!?  How can you not want to craft?).  But I have a second love, which many of your may not know about.  My second love whispers in my ear each calm, spring evening....and it's name is "Gardening".

Gardening is messy.  Gardening encourages you to work with your hands.  Gardening is creative.  Gardening constantly craves attention and your time.  And when your gardens are on nearly 2 acres of property, "Gardening" is never done.  Ha.  Another side note:  It's funny but I never really realized how similar my two LOVES are until I reread  my list of descriptives above.  No wonder why I always choose inks, sprays and watercolors over the "cleaner" products.  Ha!

Tough Decisions
These were just a few funnies I found while Googling "decisions" images.  Ha.  I could not resist sharing them with you.....

Honestly if that sign said "Applewood Smoked Cheddar and crackers"
all bets are on me making a right hand turn!
O.M.G-osh.  Tilley is that you?  (This IS my cat!)

My Strategy
So what's a girl to do?  Do you have any tips? Should I be choosing "Gardening" from 7-9pm and "Crafting" from 9-11pm?  Do I split days and Garden one day and Craft the next?

Actually lately, I have been going with "you can't have too much goodness in your life" route.  I am just doing ALL the little things that make me happy.  I got a ton of perennials from Debbie yesterday so I spent the evening gardening (got them all planted btw.  Whoot.  Whoot!).  After working a full day, these little accomplishments should and WILL be celebrated.

I have also been writing notes to teachers on pretty papers and using washi at EVERY possible opportunity adhering toonies to year end trip forms....all to add a little paper love in my life.  I have cranked through a few dies on beautiful papers.  I will take these paper pieces to the office to mull over my card design for my next class (yes, we are working on this.....just blame "Gardening").  These little activities make me happy.

I will just carry on, juggling ALL my wonderful loves, and do MY BEST at all times.


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