Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We are on Instagram!

It's official.  The Paper Pickle is NOW on Instagram.  The above image is a photo of my very first post.  I will admit that my son, who is 9 (going on 19) did not think it was cool that I used the hashtag #myfirstpost.  Ha!  You can find us at thepaperpickleco.  That's us.  Look for many more posts!  PS....you can also follow us on Facebook - The Paper Pickle Company.

Here is a close up of last Saturday's make & take.  We celebrated the royal wedding with a pretty little card perfect for a spring wedding.  It was so fun.  Jules thought it would be nice to dress up for the big day.  We even cut some Soloman's seal from the garden as it reminded us of wedding bells.  It was THE perfect day of magical little details that I will remember forever.
 We used a little washi tape from Alexandra Renke....

And this incredible 12x12 designer paper.  Punch these circles out and craft like a superSTAR.

We've got a little bonus for you.  This Saturday is Retrofest.  That means the downtown will be hopping!  We will have special one day promos PLUS a great make and take!  It's free and it will be fun.  Work with those beautiful hands and see our downtown at ITS BEST!  More details to follow.


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Saturday, May 5, 2018

TODAY is National Scrapbook Day

Today is National Scrapbook Day!  Why not celebrate it by visiting a store that has proudly marched to it's own beat since 2003?!?  For 15 years, The Paper Pickle has remained true to ourself and has never felt the need to copy the competition....and I think you love us for that.  Who knows?  There could be a little special promo or two today.  We like to keep you guessing....and I think you love us for that too.

♥  Kim

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Alexandra Renke LOVE

Well it has happened again.  I have completely fallen for another amazing artist.  Alexandra Renke has created some of the most beautiful 12x12 papers and washi tape.  The quality is like none I have ever seen.  

 Artist quality papers with gorgeous weight and texture....
 Unbelievable washi tape that blends almost seamlessly to the paper it is adhered to. 
 And it's not all about the florals.  She designed some of the cutest circus images too!
12x12 sheet of designer paper that is just waiting
 to be punched out to make simple baby/children's cards or layouts

 And don't forget the flamingos!  Hot.  Hot. Hot in the design world!
 And a little palm too?  Yes please!

This was the paper that got me hooked.  Remember my little make and take where we chopped up this 12x12 to create a simple, everyday card?  A little glitter and pretty complimentary paper and you're done!  Score one for the good guys/girls!

And don't think this washi is just for cards and layouts.  Add a little washi tape to a simple kraft for white box rather than wrapping?  An ah-ha moment, right?  Yes!

I adore this new line which has a more masculine feel.  There are a few different styles like this one.  So perfect.

What do you think?  Could you be in love too?  Thank you Alexandra Renke for your beautiful and inspiring work.  You make a quick card maker like me look SO good.

♥ Kim

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

NEW - Watercolor Confections & Supplies

Three BEAUTIFUL new pallets of watercolor confections from Prima have arrived at The Pickle.

Essence, Woodlands and Complexions
 Last spring we had local watercolour artist, Christy Obalek in the store teaching beginner watercolour classes (check out her beautiful Etsy shop here).  She taught using these Prima Watercolor Confections.  She loved the quality as well as how nice and compact they were....perfect for the artist on the go who likes to paint out in nature. 

The weather has improved and why not bring your art outdoors?  We have all the supplies you need including the full line of confections...

watercolor pencils....

 watercolor paper...
 water pens for the artist on the go....
and many 12x12 watercolor paintable sheets that are so easy for those who are a little shy painting free hand.  Fun and whimsical images are printed on high quality watercolor paper.  

It's time to unplug a little and get your craft on....

♥ Kim

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