Thursday, December 11, 2014

Homebaked (Kitchen) for the Holidays

So guys.  Ok.  I have just found you some valuable crafting time during the madness of the season.  Forget the baking this year.  Let Homebaked Kitchen do YOUR baking so YOU can do the crafting (and isn't that all you want to do these days?!?) This has been my secret for the past couple of years and I'm ready to share!  Believe me, Jen's baking is more beautiful than I could EVER make and her recipes are better than any you can find your cook books.  Have a look for yourself.....

Cardinal Sugar Cookie.  Does he not have a presence about him?
So regal.  So beautiful.  You may feel a second of grief biting his head off!  Ha.

Homebaked for the Holidays!
Hey.  They are Homebaked.  They are.  Not baked in YOUR home
but they are Homebaked (Kitchen)!
You're not lying!

These sled cookies would pair so nicely with Jen's
sled linen towels (also available in the shop).  Theme gifts are my favourite!
 Stamped Cookies!?!
These cookies were Jen's entry in the tag swap!  Ok.  Look how beautiful the presentation is!  And guess what?  She used a stamp for the design!  Don't believe me?  Have a look below at the Penny Black stamp set we have in store!  Incredible!

So what do you think?  Don't thank me just yet.  Come in and thank me after you receive all the hugs and kisses this Christmas once your loved ones open YOUR hand made gifts and Homebaked goodies!


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