Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What a Girl will do for Paper Products!

Fall, Halloween and Christmas goodies.
Not only is it a kitchen table,
but also doubles as our receiving department on occasion!
Ok.  So you have to promise to not judge me and I will share a little story about the past two days.  Promise?  So ok I placed a HUGE order last week for brand new product.  It was like the change in weather prompted me to take note that I did not have much fall, Halloween or Christmas items in the store for you yet.  I mean, there were a few new lines, but not the amount you are use to seeing at The Pickle.  I swear to you, I was still in summer mode...wearing my white skirts and tank tops, twirling around under the warm sun.  There was no way Thanksgiving is less than one month away!  Oh boy... 

So I knew the order was to arrive Monday.  Like the eager girl I am, I put a note on the door for UPS to deliver to our neighbouring business.  I knew the guy usually delivers around lunch time so when I was out, I spotted a truck down the road from the store and proceeded to follow him until he stopped.  So here I am behind some car repair shop lurking around while he delivers to the other business.  I'm sure he found it strange for this girl to be lingering around looking for her parcel.  Ha!  Unfortunately the package was on another truck....Really!  I later found out at 2:50pm (as stated on the UPS tracking page) the guy didn't deliver because we were closed and the package was to be rescheduled for delivery on Tuesday.  NOOOOOO!
Look at it all!  See anything you like?
I then proceeded to call the 1-800 number and tell them that I MUST received the package Tuesday.  I mean, critical product was in that order!  Ha.  Seriously, they must have taken one look at my business name and instantly knew this was not a life or death matter.  Truly....

So all day today, while working for the hubs, I kept monitoring the UPS tracking site.  The "on truck for delivery" message gave me the hope I needed in the morning.  But as the afternoon moved along, I knew the package was never to be delivered to my neighbour, who bless her heart, humours me as I chat on and on during each check in call about the amazing product in the order.

I then called the 1-800 once again and arranged for a pick up at the warehouse.  Did it really have to be that hard?  I mean I could have just waited for the order to arrive Wednesday when we were open again but truly, I could not wait!  The Paper Pickle receiving department was moving to my kitchen table tonight!  Call me crazy but I HAD to check in this order myself!
New ribbon, paper, kits, washi tape, stickers, stamps and more.
But seriously, check out all of the amazing product!  Can you now understand why I was so anxious to intercept the order?  Ha!
Lots of new lines that I am eager to show you!

New Product - Up Close
Have a little look at some of the products which found their way to the store.  These are just a few of the items.

Great new Christmas cling stamps from Stamper's Anonymous
 Sweater Weather by Simple Stories
Chipboard Pieces wonderful on cards and layouts

12x12 Element Designer Paper -
Perfect for Project Life style scrapbooking, tags, etc.


12x12 Double Sided Designer Card stock
Maybe that is enough stimuli for one night.  Seriously, I am so wired I will not be able to sleep a wink.  Don't be surprised if you see me posting the rest of the items around 3am tonight!  Ha!  To be continued....


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CraftyViolet said...

One persons emergency is so different than another's. Great products....no wonder you stalked the UPS truck!