Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Craft-Tea patrons thirsty for art | Chatham Daily News

How COOL is this?  The Paper Pickle and Dekoko's make the local newspaper for our Craft-Tea Time idea!  Click the link above to read all the FULL story!  Now doesn't this make you want to join us NEXT month?!?

I absolutely love this photo of little Brianna.  She and her mom and grandmother come every month for our craft!  Three generations.  Coming to my store.  Wow.  I am flattered and honoured.

Where do I find Inspiration?

While on a sentimental roll, I have to tell you that this month's craft was somewhat inspired by a customer's email to me.  Out of the blue, she emailed me a photo of the paper crafts that decorate her home.  Have a look at Teresa's beautiful creations. Didn't she do a nice job?!?  I LOVE the dimensional pumpkins!

She absolutely MADE MY DAY by sharing and by thanking me for "being such an inspiration".  Now isn't one of the main reasons why we craft?  To share our pride for the items we create?  To make others happy with our creations?  To do something useful with our time?  To relax and unwind?  I know I craft for all the reasons above.

Pickle People Projects!
So Teresa's email and photo had me thinking....maybe it would be nice to feature a crafter and their creations right here on the blog once a month.  Please send me your photos and a little description via email and I will feature you here!  I will do my best to get all of you on here!

Other Ideas
So it was really cool on Saturday when we were doing Craft-Tea Time, one woman had a great idea of turning this project into a Christmas themed project.  By changing the papers and topper, these could be Christmas ornaments to decorate your home and tree!  You guys are SO smart!


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