Thursday, October 31, 2013

CLASS are BACK! (finally they say!)

One question that has come up time and time again throughout this year of change has been "Will you be offering classes? "  And when I put the call out for suggestions, guess what came up a few times?

So what the heck?  Let's just get on with things and get the classes going again!  Give the people what they want!

Here are two gorgeous Christmas cards Debbie will be teaching you!  If you are looking to learn something new and wanting to get some ideas for your Christmas cards, this is the class for you!  Debbie has been teaching for years and is a pro!  So grab a friend and check it out!  Trust me when I say you will have so much fun!!

Class Details
Date:  Wednesday, November 13th
Time:  5:45pm (we are going to try this new time.  Let us know what you think!)
          Class will be approximately 2 hours in length
Cost:  $15+hst
Required Supplies:  fine scissors, adhesive
Suggested Supplies:  Ott-light (If you can bring an Ott-light that you have, please let us know at time of booking the class.)

Where will Classes take Place?
So just picture it...being taught these two great cards in the cutest and most creative coffee shop of all time.  We will be setting up people at the various tables throughout the shop (on The Paper Pickle Patio area!).  A warm beverage will be provided to add to the ambiance.  It will be so cozy and quaint.  I am very excited to start classes in our new space.

If you are interested in taking the class, PLEASE stop in to register (REMEMBER the next day we are open is Saturday - open 9:30-3pm) or call the store and leave me a message with your name and phone number!  We can take care of payment at a later date.


PS....Sorry I made you wait all day before I posted details about this card class!  Hope to see you in class!!

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Betty Meyskens said...

I am so glad to see that you are offering classes again! Unfortunately I cannot make that date, as I already have another commitment that evening. Hope to see more classes being offered.