Wednesday, October 23, 2013

PROUD of my new SHOP!

So it has been one year since we have moved in with Dekoko's and our love affair is still going strong! We love how Dekoko's fills the air with a delicious aroma and they love how we fill their space with beautiful craftiness!  I will argue that it is one of the coziest AND most creative space in the city and we are always going out of our way to provide amazing customer service.  Today I told Natasha that the milk from the latte was not sitting right with me these says (since we began our healthy eating regime) and she suggested a cappacino - same amount of espresso (thank the Lord) but less milk.  And guess what?  She was right!  Just as good as a latte taste wise but better for my tummy!  They just know at Dekoko's how to make my day and life for that matter!

Continually Trying to be Better
So I told you it was my goal to get the shop looking perfect by the fall. Slowly but surely, I think I am almost there!  Check out the new shelves I hung last night. 

I learned three things about myself in the process:

1) I cannot listen to dance music while doing work like this.  I don't know if my body was wanting to dance while my mind was trying to concentrate or what....

2) the only way for me to get power tools to work for me is to cry first!  It was not a pretty picture as I tried to hang the first floating shelf but by the third, I was a pro!  And...

3) a good song can turn my mood from "why me" to "everything is going to be alright"! Can't you just hear Bob Marley singing along as you read this?  Last night I hear Bruce Hornsby and the Range's "The way it is" and my mood turned instantly.  That song has always been a favourite of mine and Trevor's.  Just listen to the piano to open this phenomenal song.

New Product ALERT!

Great new product including Studio Calico (Story Time) and PROJECT LIFE!
Yes.  This is Project Life and SN@P on our shelves.  Only THE hottest scrapbooking products on the market!  They are the ultimate "quick" scrapbooking lines that are saturating the market.  Not sure what Project Life is?  Have a look at this video.  It is photo album meets scrapbooking.  Genius.

SN@P - What is it?
Thanks to a customer's request, we now have a
great selection of Simple Stories SN@P  in store!
Have a look at the video.  Now even the stampers out there will have to agree that this looks super easy and that maybe you could be the keeper of life's moments.  Too fun.  Too easy.

Special Orders
Please note that BOTH of these lines are HUGE!  The best way for me to meet your specific needs is to offer special orders!  I can order pretty much every item from these companies!  IF the items are in stock, they can be here in as little as one week from the time I place the order.  Please let me know what you are looking for and I will hook you up!  That's just what we do here!  This goes for any product you see on the market.  Just ask and I will see what I can do for YOU!

So as you can see, I am very excited about the store and the new product offerings these days. Please keep spreading the word that The Paper Pickle is THE PLACE to get the coolest paper crafting products in the area!  I have always said that we may be smaller, but my inventory numbers show me that I have just as much product in this store as the old one!


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