Saturday, October 5, 2013

Battle of the Thames - Enjoy a NEW Hobby Tomorrow!

Today I had one of those serendipity know, a happy accident.  Trevor is on the board at the Chatham-Kent Children's Safety Village and they were looking for volunteers to help run their food truck for the Battle of the Thames Event.  Trevor asked if I wanted to spend the day volunteering and I was ALL over that!  I do enjoy being in the office, but a change of scenery on a Friday is wonderful and helping a good cause at the same time is even better!

The Battle of the Thames - Bi-centennial

Where will you be?

Trust me when I tell you this is an event NOT to be missed!  Today was an education day and their were buses and cars galore!  But the people in costume and the various event were fabulous!  Check out their website for details of the incredible and once in a lifetime events that are happening Saturday ONLY!  

Chatham-Kent Children's Safety Village
It was a busy day setting up the food truck for the Safety Village.  Stop by Saturday for delicious pulled pork on a bun (so good!), jumbo hot dogs (the cheapest at the event I hear!) and even deep fried Mars bars (what the?  Sounds like heaven to me!) with all money going to help one of my favourite non-profit organizations!  The support from you is what helps to educate children on ways to stay safe and ALIVE!  
Two boys in Period Clothing
So we decided to pack it in a little early given all the kids had left for the day.  We cleaned up and prepped for tomorrow's MASSIVE crowds.  Estimations of anywhere from 20,000-50,000 people are expected!  I decided to walk to my car (which was quite a ways from where the food truck was) rather than accepting a ride from my friend, Gary.  And then it happened......  

Here is one girl studying near her white tent.
I walked through the portion of the event where all the tents were set up!  There were these incredible white tents with people doing everything from selling their wears to knitting, to cooking, to making pottery, to studying, to telling name it!  And the best part is that they were all in period wear.  There were Generals having conversations.  There were Indians chanting and dancing.  There were women in the most fabulous dresses and bonnets.

It's Thyme!

Here is a picture of my most favourite booth.  The girls are from Niagara on the Lake and have a business called It's Thyme.  The girls were working on their homework while the mom tended to watering the cut flowers.  Notice the beautiful layout of the booth.  This seriously made my heart swell to the point I thought I could not stand it anymore. I mean it is amazing that I could find pure joy at a simple, vintage booth!  And I know it was not just the booth alone that caused this sensation.  It was the passion.  It was the dedication.  It was the organization and hard work involved in this single event that really made me take notice.

Notice the girl who is suppose to be studying?
She was daydreaming in every photo I took!  

 So I asked about all the beautiful cut flowers that she had in her shop and asked how they were sold.  She told me I could design my own bouquet.  I told her she was the expert and to surprise me!

And she did!  Here is the designer of my beautiful bouquet.  I wish I would have asked her name!  Also at a mere $4, I wish I would have asked her to make me a few more for my sisters and mom!

Enjoy a NEW Hobby
So the whole point of my blog today is to tell you that you MUST attend Battle of the Thames tomorrow!  Get out and experience another "hobby".  It's funny that I have never thought of participants and events like this as a hobby before, but it is!  I was told by one of the organizers that "The people in this hobby are so passionate and dedicated. They love what they do, and it shows."  Hmmm....kind of sounds like us.  

Seriously.  Don't let the big crowds scare's Saturday.  What do you have to do anyways?  Don't let the chance of rain scare will be warm and it will not matter.  This will not happen again!  It may not be "accidental" but I do guarantee that you will find "happy" once you get there!


PS...Store is open from 9:30-3pm Saturday but please do not come in.  Remember, you have other plans! *wink*wink*


Beth Goldsworthy said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments! I've been re-enacting for 7 years, and we portray the 17th U.S. Infantry. Like most of our period re-enactors, our entire family is involved. My husband and 19yr son are soldiers, and my 22yr daughter and I act as camp wives doing the cooking, sewing (yes by hand in camp) and cleaning. My daughter has even gone out on the field as a soldier. It's wonderful quality family time with a fantastic group of people. I'm a research historian and part-time sewing teacher, and I love to know that our efforts are enjoyed.

K1 said...

Hi Beth.
Thank you for the comment. It made my day. I think we need to comment and share more about events that touch us. It is so easy to go into various blogs and read them or attend events and think to yourself that they were nice but never really say thank you.

This hobby you enjoy is so beautiful and knowing that you can enjoy it as a family is even more touching. I will be attending more events in the future!