Thursday, February 26, 2015

I love. Yes...again!

Adorable layout by Canada's own - Vicki Boutin

I love with Simple Stories "I AM" collection.  I know.  I know.   Yes, again!   Guys.  This collection has everything I love including birds (I don't know what it is about birds but I adore them), feathers (goes with the bird obsession), hearts, BICYCLES (!) and gold foil!  I also love the name of the collection.  It prompts you to journal.  It inspires you to create.  Have a look.  See if this collection speaks to you...

6x6 Paper Pad

12x12 Basic Kit

12x12 Collection Kit

Bits & Pieces

Chipboard stickers

Chipboard frames

Photo overlays

Photo Stickers

Snap cards

Snap pages

Tons of great stickers

Wood veneers

Snap Albums and Ideas

For those of you who are not familiar with the Simple Stories Snap concept, I have included  a photo here to show you.  Their idea is that scrapbooking CAN be a "snap".  Use their slotted pages, easy preprinted snap cards and more; scrapbooking can be fun, easy and still very creative!  I think this collection has me wanting to do a very special album for myself.  A lot of times we are so busy documenting events and we forget to document our thoughts and our feelings while life is happening all around us.  This collection prompts you to slow down and reflect.  I can feel the wheels turning! Ha.


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