Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wedding Show - Sweet Success

We are True to Ourselves...
Well that was quite the week!  Jen and I were busy prepping for the Chatham-Kent Wedding Show which took place on Saturday at The Bradley Centre.  Thank YOU to the girls who stopped by the booth to share your "Bride Style"!  It's so funny but three years ago I joked and said if you are looking for The Paper Pickle booth, look for the one with wood and burlap, NOT satin and rhinestones.  When you looked around the Bradley in 2015, you saw lots and lots of burlap, antiques and that gorgeous rustic look.  This is by far the hottest wedding trend out there these days.  Hey.  What can I say?  We KNOW what we like.  We keep with OUR style and NEVER imitate.  We're just cool like that....♥

We Listen...
And that's not to say that "rustic" is the ONLY thing we do!  We have always been about listening to our customers and designing something that suits THEIR style and THEIR vision.  We are creative by nature and can execute your ideas timely and professionally. 

We DO Sweat the Small Stuff...
To us, life's details matter.  We care about whether you think the invite looks better with square or rounded corners.  We care to know if glitter suits YOUR style (hey, not all girls are glitter girls!) and don't go shaking it around unless you tell us too!  They may all seem like "little" things, but, to us, all of these little details do matter to the overall look.  It is OUR goal for you to be 100% happy with our designs.

We Celebrate...
So what do you think?  The booth came together even better than I had planned in my mind!  I wish I could give you a few more detailed shots but the photographers has run across the pond and will not be getting our pictures any time soon.  These overall views of the booth will give you a nice flavour for what we displayed.  I am very pleased and think our hard work showed!

We work TOGETHER...
This year's booth showcased how well Jen's baking and my stationery designs come together to create one seamless vision for your next event.  And your next event does not have to be a wedding!  We love to create custom designs for anniversaries, birthdays, retirements and more!  Make an appointment with us and tell us your ideas.  We will make your vision come to LIFE!

Weddingstar Orders are always Welcome!

I also wanted to focus on my Weddingstar offerings.  This company is amazing and has thousands of products that would add to any party!  Check out those hot are balloons!  I am in love!  All of these items including:  favours, printed paper napkins, ring pillows, champagne flutes, etc. can all be ordered in and take approximately one week to come in (as long as they are not back ordered).  I offer 13% off ALL orders and no additional shipping!  Click the link above and see what could brighten up your next party.


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