Friday, January 30, 2015

All that Glitters.....

My mason jar made I showed off at The Wedding Show gold!  Oh gold.  Beautiful gold.  Anyone else a gold girl like me?  It is SOOO pretty.  And have you fellow gold girls been noticing the latest trend?  Gold is everywhere and I'm loving it!  From fashion to home decor to paper crafting!  It is the perfect compliment to any ordinary item.  Look how the gold flake gave a mason jar an almost regal appearance.

I took on another project the night before the Chatham-Kent Wedding Show (hey, why not?)  Have a look at this Kaisercraft MDF cut-out..... in gold!  It is almost 3' in length and I knew it would give our booth that perfect touch.  Can't you see this on a dessert bar table at a wedding?  Or have a look at it as a prop in a photo...

 I told the kids they had to help me with my blog post this week.  They are always such good sports.

Closer look
Here is a closer look that shows how beautiful the gold flake can be.  You will notice that I added some foil washi tape to finish the base of the project.  I love the gold honeycomb design with the gold flake.

How to: 
Adding gold flake to your next project is very simple if you use the right product.  The secret ingredient....

US Art Quest's Duo Adhesive
The Duo adhesive is THE glue to use and makes addition of gold flake fool proof.  It "stays open until it is closed".  This means you apply a thin layer to your next project using a foam or paint brush and then you leave it to dry.  It is ready to use once it turns white to clear.  The gold flake will stick to the project 15 minutes after applied, 1 hours after applied, etc.  It is like it is waiting for you.  And don't let the small bottle fool you....a little goes a long way!

Here is what gold flake looks like.  It comes in a bag and you basically just "smash" it on your project. The excess gets brushed away using a textured sponge or stipple brush to use on future projects. 

Here is a video from Susan of US Art Quest showing how you use her product....

So what do you think?  Are you in love with gold too and ready to take on some projects of your own?


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