Friday, January 9, 2015

CRAFTY Kindness

Christmas Wallet Folio
I have often told people that I have THE nicest customers in this town. You really are! I have a theory that those people who enjoy crafts are generally more loving and giving individuals. I mean you almost have to be to spend two hours making ONE card or two WEEKS making a scrapbook only to give it away!

Thank you to those who sent us Christmas cards this nice of you!  They are all on display at the store so stop in an take a peek and get a little inspiration for next year's cards!

I wanted to take a little time to showcase two very special gifts that were given to me by customers/friends before Christmas.  You guys really do not need to make me anything, but oh am I so grateful when you do!  ;)

Christmas Wallet Folio by Barb McNaughton
Let's have a look inside
So you all know that I got this adorable little "Polaroid-like" camera this year for Christmas.  I just love it!  I took pictures of some of my favourite moments over the holidays.

So I had this deck of photos and did not know where to put them to keep them safe.  I checked on line for possible albums made for the the Instax photos.  They were all so plastic-y and boring.  Then I wondered about an Instagram album from We R Memory Keepers but the photo sleeves were not the right size.  Then I remembered about this beautiful album, Barb gave me as a gift for Christmas (how sweet of her!).  This little folio was the PERFECT (I mean perfect!) little album for my very special pictures.  Have a look.....
View once opened
There is a waterfall of 4 cards in the centre
with an additional pocket to the left
Another look at the stacked waterfall cards
Photos can go on both the front and back of waterfall cards

I love the look of the washi tape on the corners
of these vintage looking photos
Here is a look at the additional cards.
I journaled my thoughts and memories on the back
of one of those cards

Barb's inspiration came from a YouTuber named Sabrina Radeck.  I am embedding the video from November 19, 2014 here for your reference just in case you want to make one of these too!

Please note that Barb altered Sabrina's project as she wanted to use her 6x6 paper pad from Authentique called "Believe".  Here are Barb's notes:
  • In Sabrina's video, she uses card stock cut to 8.5" x 11"- I cut mine to 6.25" x 11"
  • I used her same score lines
  • I did my flaps 4.75 x 3.25,5 x 3.25, 5.25 x 3.25, 5.50 x 3.25 ( I scored all at .50)
  • Optional pocket 7.25 x 2.25, scored .50 on 2 short and 1 long side
I think Barb may have me wanting to make many more themed wallets!  This is MY kind of scrapbooking project for sure!  What do you think?  I love it!!

Jingle all the Way Shadow Box by Laina Millson

When Laina asked me to order in Teresa Collin's paper from her 2013 Christmas line, I knew she had something special in mind!  I was so glad I could still get it too.  Never did I imagine I would be a recipient of one of her lovely gifts!!

Here are the details:
Laina was inspired by Kerri Bradford's tutorial from October 30, 2013.  I am attaching the link here now.

Laina told me she made these projects in various sizes based on the shadow boxes she picked up.  It is just gorgeous and looks nice on a sofa table along with other "props" or on the wall.  This project will be put some where very safe (once it leaves the store) so I can admire it for many more Christmases to come!!  Thank you again, Laina.

Both projects are at the store for if you want to have a closer look!  I hope this has inspired you.  I know it has inspired me!  Looking out the window at this moment, I can forecast a little crafty time in my VERY near future.


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