Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Cosmo Cricket is here!

Looking for new, bright & cheery papers? They're here! Three of Cosmo Crickets newest releases JUST arrived this afternoon! You just have to see for yourself how fun they are... I can't even decide which of the two sides is my favourite pattern on most papers! The new familes are Snorkel, Girl Friday, and Lil' Man. We also recieved a few patterns from Chemistry.

We have quite a few paper patterns to choose from, Rub-Ons from each collection, and also some stickers and chipboard stickers... come check it out!


eggette said...

Oh My WORD!! I LUV your new picture - FUN!! (don't hurt yourself)

crazy4scrappin said...

well I thought I MIGHT stop in tomorrow for one of the $2.00 stamps for a SWAP...well now I MUST come in!!!!