Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Shop Local Week!

My dream of owning a retail store became a reality when my sister and I took a leap back in 2003.  And thanks to your support, we are still here today.  I value your business.  I value you taking the time to shop local.  Given the fierce competition with online businesses, and the ease that this shopping brings, brick and mortar store need your efforts more than ever this year.  And don't even get me started about the construction throughout our municipality.  This has not helped matters either.  

This holiday season, I urge you to think about how you spend each and every dollar because trust me, it matters.  I know you have heard this before, but each dollar you spend locally supports a local person or family.  They in turn use these dollars to purchase other items within their community therefore supporting another person or family.  It is a snowball of love and support if all are like minded.

Joy of Shopping
Sometimes I wonder if people have lost the joy of shopping....all they want is the big check mark on their never ending to-do list.  I think it is wonderful to wander from shop to shop in search of the perfect gift.  And OH that moment when you find IT!  It is a feeling that brings joy to me thinking of the reaction from your loved one.  And I will tell you it is a truly awesome feeling for me when as the shop owner, I see this reaction from YOU when you spot that perfect gift in MY store.  I am excited because you are excited.  

Think Before you Buy
So the moral of the story is to think before you buy.  There are SO many incredible stores in our community.  If you want them to stay, then you need to take the time to see what they are all about.  Tell your friends when you find "THE cutest store" or spread the word when a friend is looking for something.  Tell them where they can find the item locally.  You guys do a great job at this already but let's create a movement.  Let's help build our community! 

Black Friday?  Who needs it?
Have you noticed the movement throughout this community and throughout this country for that matter?  We are tired of everyone heading to the States for "the deals" on Black Friday.  Truly, "the deals" are here!  Save your time, your gas and your sanity.  There are deals to be had throughout Chatham-Kent.

Shop these AWESOME deals ALL WEEK at The Pickle.

Prima Spiral Planners - Special Price of $15 ♥

Prima "Breathe" Spiral Bound Planner
These planners make the perfect gift for a teacher, babysitter, friend, etc.  Regular $24.99, pick one up this week for only $15!  Check out the video below to see just how nice these planners are.....gorgeous stickers, tabs and you can start it any time you like!

Prima "In the Moment" Spiral Planner
We also brought in a second style of the Prima spiral planners.  This one also has great stickers, tabs and you can start it any month you like.  The video below will show you more.  Regular $24.99, this week NOW only $15.

Kaisercraft Advent Block - 50% OFF ♥
Kaisercraft Advent Block

These Kaisercraft Advent kits are awesome.  Regular $54.99 now 50% OFF!  There is still lots of time to make this for December 1.  I have a DIY advent calendar for each child (and even one for my big kid/hubby) and they look forward to the different treats, toys and notes I fill them with each year.  I have a blast doing it too!

Paper Sippers - 50% OFF ♥

How cute would these be at your Christmas party this year?  We have a dozen colours to choose from.  Regular $9.99, now only $5!

So what do you think?  We got the deals.  We got the selection.  We got spirit.  Yeah.  Yeah. We got spirit.  ♥  Let's do this!  ♥


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Jackie Plank said...

I agree with you Kim. I don't understand why people take their business across to the states instead of keeping it here in Chatham-Kent where it is needed. Yes I have shopped across the border but only for something that I haven't been able to find here or haven't been able to get you to order in for me and only then. With the cost of exchanging my money into US dollars, shopping at home is cheaper and helps our economy.
Maybe you should end each post with a statement that you can order in what the costumer is looking for.. or at least most of the time you can. Which saves these online shoppers, shipping and sometimes customs.