Thursday, September 21, 2017

Falling for Inka Gold

Fall is my favourite time of the year. I decorate my house more at this time of the year than any other time (yes, even more than christmas!). I find the colours so warm and cheery. The pumpkins and funky gourds catch my eye every time. 

Nature is beautiful in it's original form but why not take it up a notch?

Can you tell which gourds have been touched by the incredible Inka Gold?  Inka Gold is a beeswax based product that can be applied to many surfaces including gourds!  The key?  Apply with an old rag, sock or your fingers and buff! Buffing brings out the gorgeous shine! 

These gourds are in store now.  I can see them at my Thanksgiving table with a little placecard attached. Let everyone think you're Martha Stewart. Ha. Or just a girl who loves to add a little crafty joy to her life!


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