Friday, September 23, 2016


I love paper.  It is a fact.  You may have heard this story before but humour me.  My very first job was hoeing bean fields with my two siblings.  I was 12.  We wanted to make money and my dad thought this would be the best job given our age.  We walked the bean fields from end to end chopping out various weeks including milk weeds, velvet leaf and corn that grew from last year's crop.  We were young and ambitious.  We walked the many acres laughing and dreaming about what we were going to buy with our money.  We were paid $3/acre.  This was to be split 3 ways so yeah, $1/acre.  To us, this was plenty.

At the end of the summer, we got our pay cheque.  I can't tell you exactly how much it was but I can tell you EXACTLY what I bought with that hard earned money.  I  bought stickers.  Mom drove us to Toys R Us in London and we were in heaven.  Forget the toys.  They had the most incredible sticker collection.  I remember buying puffy smelly sticker.....puffy AND smelly?  Those did not exist in Chatham!  Kell was my side kick on that trip and she was right in there laughing and getting excited with every find.  (To this day, she is still my favourite side kick.)

This week, this same nostalgic feeling washed over me as I opened the MANY boxes from my various suppliers.  (And they ALL arrived at the same time!)  It was the perfect storm.

I couldn't wait to reach in to see how incredible the Crate Paper products really were in person.

I couldn't wait to see Penny Black's over the top card board and her incredible stamps and dies.

I couldn't wait to see Memory Box and Poppy's latest release (which was released on their blog less than two weeks ago!).

And want to know the wild part?  I could go on and on.  It's all beautiful.  It all makes me happy.  It all makes me feel like a kid again.  And I love it.  You feel me?  I know you get it too.

If you were thinking of visiting, this is the time.  FYI, there is a great Made in Canada Etsy event happening on Saturday from 10-4 just a block from here.  Definitely time for a road trip.


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