Friday, September 18, 2015

I had no clue.....

Have a closer look at the saying on the stamp above....

You have probably seen this image on my blog and wondered about it.  It is amazing how this one tiny, little 2x2 rubber stamp can lead me to such deep reflection.  This stamp makes me smile, shake my head, laugh out loud, tear up and think.  All of these emotions and thoughts all because of one simple sentence....  

It is wild to think of the journey I have been on since 2002.  This was the year I purchased one of my first stamps, as an adult, at Rubies on Grand Avenue in Chatham.  I was planning a wedding and I discovered stamping.  I HAD to stamp and heat emboss all 200 (!!) menus with a beautiful scripty stamp.  It was not something I had time to do (as I started a new job, was renovating our home with the help of my mom and completing my accounting designation) but it was something that I HAD to do.  I found time to do what made me happy (yes, mostly likely at 2am).  I also stamped my programs and thank you cards and who know what else! (Lesson 1 - find time for what makes YOU happy!)

My sister Kell and I then discovered Stampin' Up.  We followed Maureen McGrail around from party to party.  We could NOT get enough of it.  We squealed with delight every time we learned a new technique....we just thought we were THE best stampers too!  I carried those cards from room to room, admiring my abilities.  Ha.  I look back at those cards now and have to laugh.  They were so simple but hey, they made me SO happy (Lesson 2 -  be proud of your abilities no matter what stage you are at!)

This love of the hobby then lead to thoughts of opening our own store (Kell and I) where we would rent stamps!  What a great idea as stamps were only really mass distributed at that time as wood mount which we all know are more expensive.  Today we are so lucky to have high quality polymer stamps and cling mount stamps which help keep stamping more affordable.  (Lesson 3 - follow your dreams and what you are most passionate about).  

The purpose of my post is not to give you the full history of "The Pickle".  My post is to reflect on this amazing journey and all the friendships I have made through a hobby (going through photos on my computer has made me so sentimental these days...ha!).  I have seen many of you form strong friendships of your own by taking classes with other like minded people.  How cool to think that we many have been the "connectors" for you and your "besties".  

I have watched many of the young children, who tagged along with their mothers, grow into their own.  Many of them have moved on to high school, college and some have families of their own.  I have worked on some of your wedding stationery designs and then your baby shower invites and announcements.  This to me is AWESOME!  I get to watch life happen (from pretty wicked space I must say thanks to our amazing landlords!) 

I know the intention of this stamp sentiment was probably to make you laugh at first glance (like holy shit moley, how did I get so much stuff!  When did this happen?  HOW did this happen?) but to me it means so much more than that.  You guys are so cool.  Keep bringing in your show and tells.  Keep documenting those memories.  I am honoured to be a part of your lives.  


PS....And don't forget to keep me on track.  We learn from each other.  Keep me posted on products you'd love to see in the store and techniques you'd love to learn.  ♥

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CraftyViolet said...

We've all learned a lot from you and Kelly! I just watched the Tim Holtz video on the new Crazy Birds extra and I'm thinking of ordering a set. Love all the hats, ties, etc. in the set.