Monday, June 22, 2015

Gift Wrapping Scrapping

Who says things like washi tape or wood embellishments and meant for cards and page layouts only?  Your next gift wrapping project can be creative and fun!

This was a graduation gift for my nephew who just graduated from college.  I found the funniest book called "F" this Test that had real test question and student's real, funny responses.  Our inscription read "Now you can finally say.... once and for all.  Happy Graduation Day".  He thought it was hilarious...or maybe he was just laughing to humour me.  Either way, I was smiling.

The moral of the story is....use your paper crafting supplies in non traditional ways.  This washi tape, twine and wooden stars added so much to a very simple and basic wrap.  And don't be afraid to use it this way!  Honestly you get like a million meters of washi on one roll.  Go on.  Share the love of your hobby.


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