Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Decisions. Decisions.

I've got a real problem right now.  I mean a BIG problem.  Every night (well on those nights that do not involve either soccer or singing lessons) so yeah, like 4 nights a week, I am forced to decide how I will spend my free time.  I know you guys are all in the same boat too.  Free time is scarce and we MUST make hard choices.

In the winter it's easy.....paper crafting is the clear winner.  I do not watch TV (well, except for American Idol) and I like to be active.  Nothing makes me happier than to be in my craft room listening to John Tesh share his team's wisdom.  Side note:  "Did you know that people who choose the self check out aisle consume 14,000 fewer calories per year?".  This is all because we are not tempted by those impulse buys while waiting in line!  Who knew?

Where was I?....
However, this time of the year (yes, glorious SPRING!) causes me much agony.  I absolutely feel the need to work with my pretty papers (have you been in the store and seen all the wonderful items?!?  How can you not want to craft?).  But I have a second love, which many of your may not know about.  My second love whispers in my ear each calm, spring evening....and it's name is "Gardening".

Gardening is messy.  Gardening encourages you to work with your hands.  Gardening is creative.  Gardening constantly craves attention and your time.  And when your gardens are on nearly 2 acres of property, "Gardening" is never done.  Ha.  Another side note:  It's funny but I never really realized how similar my two LOVES are until I reread  my list of descriptives above.  No wonder why I always choose inks, sprays and watercolors over the "cleaner" products.  Ha!

Tough Decisions
These were just a few funnies I found while Googling "decisions" images.  Ha.  I could not resist sharing them with you.....

Honestly if that sign said "Applewood Smoked Cheddar and crackers"
all bets are on me making a right hand turn!
O.M.G-osh.  Tilley is that you?  (This IS my cat!)

My Strategy
So what's a girl to do?  Do you have any tips? Should I be choosing "Gardening" from 7-9pm and "Crafting" from 9-11pm?  Do I split days and Garden one day and Craft the next?

Actually lately, I have been going with "you can't have too much goodness in your life" route.  I am just doing ALL the little things that make me happy.  I got a ton of perennials from Debbie yesterday so I spent the evening gardening (got them all planted btw.  Whoot.  Whoot!).  After working a full day, these little accomplishments should and WILL be celebrated.

I have also been writing notes to teachers on pretty papers and using washi at EVERY possible opportunity adhering toonies to year end trip forms....all to add a little paper love in my life.  I have cranked through a few dies on beautiful papers.  I will take these paper pieces to the office to mull over my card design for my next class (yes, we are working on this.....just blame "Gardening").  These little activities make me happy.

I will just carry on, juggling ALL my wonderful loves, and do MY BEST at all times.


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