Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Activity - Idea #3 - Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Ok.  How cute is this idea?  My sister Kell had seen an idea similar to this on line and said it would be the perfect combination of Homebaked plus Paper Pickle.
I should have known.  I just googled the image
Kell sent meand this is a Martha Stewart idea.
I must try the photo ornaments next!
And I couldn't agree more!  They are cookie cutters dressed up with scrapbooking paper, washi tape, ribbon, etc.
 So this ornament is my favourite!  It incorporated Tim Holtz's mini Christmas trees, ribbon and washi tape.
I must say that this came together even more perfectly than originally planned.  I picked up cookie cutters from The Superstore.  I think realized that Tim's mini trees fit into the star.  The cookie cutter was shiny silver and that just did not match my tree so I grabbed some of our wide paper tape from Little B and voila!  It was THE EXACT thickness as the cookie cutter.  A little cheese cloth and Stickles finished the bottom of the tree.  What do you think?!?  Doable?  Definitely!

Advent Calendar Update
Thought I should update you on my calendar progress.  Here is what I had accomplished last night before I turned into a turd on the couch!  Seriously I had my flu shot in the morning and I could not move off the couch between 9-11 last night.  That is so unusual for me.  I NEVER watch tv and yet all I could imagine myself doing what napping and laying down.  Tonight I hope to get a little more completed before the December 1 deadline!  I LOVE the Warm & Cozy line that Laina told me was a must to bring in.  Thank you!  It was the perfect paper to use on hubby's project!  I just love when things come together!

Am I inspiring you yet?  What projects do you have on the go?  Remember, Saturday is show and tell day at the store!

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Laina Millson said...

Hey Kim! Thanks for the shout out! ;) When I saw your calendar I was immediately thinking "I recognize that line and it is so perfect!" LOL Can't wait to see the finished product, you are my hero for even attempting such a task this close to December! :)

K1 said...

Haha! Honestly it was like that line was meant for Trevor's project. Thank you for continuing to introduce me to new and amazing products!