Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Activity - Idea #1 - DIY Advent Calendar

So I thought it was time for me to post a few of our holiday creations over the next couple of weeks to inspire you.  I will admit that this is not new but they are so FUN I just HAD to blog about it!

Check out this DIY Advent Calendar ($23.99).  It measures 8.5"x8.5"and is made of a nice coated cardboard and includes clear stickers with black font for numbers 1-25.  It starts out all white....a nice blank canvas.

The Concept
I'm sure everyone has had an Advent calendar at some point in their lives.  I remember the ones as a kid that were in a thin cardboard box with the little perforated doors that opened to reveal a chocolate.  From December 1 to December 25, I remember being so excited to open that little door to get my "treat".  I know kids don't mind those waxy boxed chocolates but really?  I'm sorry....they are terrible.  I guess it is more of the counting down part that was the real "treat".

So today there are tons of companies with their own Advent calendars.  Did you see the ones from Lego?  Pretty cool.  I think they are around $50 but in the end you get all the Lego pieces to build your scene.  I think these kits are smart and practical (kids get great toys to play with) but once you open the little doors, it's kind of done.  Next year you have to buy another one.

Now here is why this kit is so much better....

You Get to be Creative!

This Advent Calendar was created by Kell
using traditional and classic colours.  How fun!

What I like about these kits is that you get to choose your own decorative papers to decorate the box based on the person you are creating it for.  The entire time you are choosing the paper and adding the little goodies, you are thinking about the person you love....that is just good for the soul.

 They Last!

Another reason why I love this project is because once you design it, you can use it over and over again!  This one I designed for Coulter about 4 years ago.  I chose the great blues because he is a boy (I know....not very original or creative but he loves it!).  Anyone remember these papers?

You get to SHOP! 

And finally this project is AWESOME because YOU get to fill the little 1.5"x1.5" cube drawers!  Just think about that concept.  Think about the possibilities...

This one was created for my daughter and so I decorated it with great fun, girlie colours.  I also filled the cubes last year with Littlest Pet Shops, money, candies, Squinkies and even a little ornament for the tree.  Every day the kids got to open the corresponding date.  They loved it!  They loved the count down and I think they loved seeing what I chose for the particular date.  Side note.....and parenting tip #48 - if you have two or more kids, make sure you put equivalent "treats" in each kids corresponding dates or you may be setting yourself up for potential meltdowns.  Ha.  "Hey.  Why did Coulter get a toonie and I only got one jelly bean?"  Yeah.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

The Challenge
I know you guys are all like, "OK Kim.  You do realize there are only 5 days left in this month and December less than one week away?  There is not enough time to complete this project".  Now this is where the challenge comes in.....  

I decided that I am missing one very important person in my life when it comes to these holiday creations....my hubby!  I use to make tons of handmade projects for him when we were dating.  You should see my cross stitched Mustang Football player wall hanging and my hand stamped scrapbook (like EACH letter was stamped to created my album...what?!?).  These days, everything is created for the kids and not really for Trev.  This year my plan is to make him a little calendar.  Just think of the fun things you could add in that little 1.5"x1.5" cube for your honey.  A little love letter?  Traditional chocolates?  Something a little more risque?  (Hey...hey...hey....I know you guys were all thinking it!).

So I will begin my Advent calendar tomorrow after work.  Truly, I vow I have not yet started and I challenge myself to create one and have it done and posted for December 1.  Anyone else want to do this with me?  There is time!  We can do it.   PS...I know a great place you can pick these up.  **Wink**Wink**


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