Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Activity - Idea #2 - 2015 Calendar

 I'm back with another fun project and/or gift idea.  Every year I make the Basic Grey calendar kit ($23.50).  Every year I am reminded how MUCH I love this company AND this project!  Actually, I am reminded of how much I love this company and this project every time I look at it hanging on my wall...that's the best part!
It's funny how excited I get about this kit.  I re-read my post from last year and I had to laugh at my pictures of the project.  Seriously, Kim?  You were taking pictures of the completed project while you waited in line at Laura Secord?  Now this is love people!  Ha.
So the kit works exactly the same way as it always has....there are pre-printed pages which act as the "base" of the page.  BG has included a great assortment of stickers, chipboard and die cut pieces to enhance your page.  The best part is that everything is labelled so nicely.
Another great thing is that you are able to follow along with the instructions or feel fee to change the page as you wish!  The page above for March was the last page I completed because I couldn't decide if I liked the picture of Coulter or the picture of Julia better with the background colours.  I decided that they BOTH worked well and there was just enough room on the layout to accommodate both!  Another side....parenting tip #6 - when working on family projects such as this, make sure you have EXACTLY the same number of photos of each kid otherwise further meltdowns and/or feeling of guilt may ensue....damn!  I just counted and see Jules got one extra photo!  Oh well.  Coult is pretty chill.  Next year I will give him an extra shout out!
As always, I chose photos based on the colours in the "base" and colours in the photo.  
This year I am going to go one step further with my calendar and actually jot down events on the calendar.  I think it is important to get down some of these fun milestones ANY way you can...I may even let go of my inner perfectionist and not worry about the ink colour not matching!
I also plan to take my 2014 calendar apart and slip the pages into an 8x8 album.  I think this will be a great way to preserve the layouts.

 Just flip through those photos and find the one that speaks to you and add it to that month!

I absolutely LOVE how this page came together.
I followed the instructions 100%.  Just awesome.

I just love when things come together so nicely AND so easily!  This project was completed over the course of two nights after the kids were in bed.  You just follow along....not much thinking involved.  You feel productive.  You feel creative.  You look like a rockstar (yet, AGAIN!).  That's what I'm talking about.


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