Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WE are OPEN!

NEW store is now OPEN!
This picture features Jen's gorgeous line of aprons, etc.
So last night was crunch time. The last remaining hours to work on the store before the BIG reopening. The kids had to hang out with me since the hubby was out of town. This is something they are accustomed to...they basically have grown up here.  Julia told me that she is happy that The Paper Pickle is back in our old location.  I am too!  It just feels right.
Looking toward the front window
It is only fitting that I give you a glimpse of the store, as photographed by my 6 year old.  I kind of wondered how I could give you a little look without giving away to much. Then I found these photos on my phone....I think these photos do the trick. Ha!

The front entrance

Fun stamping nook

Clearly his best photo of the night!

I had to chuckle because out of the 8+ pictures, the only clear photo was that of his car!  Boys.

WE are OPEN!
We are open for business!  Homebaked Kitchen and The Paper Pickle under ONE roof. This is the life!  All I have to say is that while I was typing up Jen's tent cards, I was smiling the entire time. Simply vanilla? Double chocolate pistachio? Apple crumble bars?  The Paper Pickle will NEVER be the same. 


Store Hours
Wednesday - Friday - 10am-5:30pm
Saturday - 10am-3pm

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