Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NEW Store - Opening TOMORROW!

A paper boutique...
...and sweet treats.  Could there be a better combination?

What's that saying I use all the time from my favorite movie, Almost Famous?  Oh yes..... It's all happening!  It is. It really is.  

Thank you again for all of the kind comments and for your understanding while we remained closed an extra week. I have always believed that extra special people get into (and stay in) this hobby and you have proved my theory correct.

We have been working our butts off getting ready for the big opening. Excitement has been building and I just can't take it anymore.  We are so thrilled for you to see the place!  You can COUNT on our doors opening at 10am tomorrow!  We are going to start with weekly hours of Wednesday-Friday 10am-5:30pm and Saturdays 10am-3pm.  Hours (and possibly days) will be added as we determine demand and as we ramp up for various holidays. 

Have a look at our windows above. It was so nice working with my sister, Jen to get things just right for our window display. You will notice that she too is very detail oriented and that shows in everything she does from her baking to her product placement.

Well, I better keep working away over here.  Hope to see you this week!


Store Hours
Wed.-Fri. - 10am-5:30pm
Saturday - 10am-3pm

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Pauline said...

Kim & Jen, I'm so excited about the 'new store' and love that you have extended the hours to 5:30 rather than 5. Your display windows look fabulous! See you soon,