Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mission Complete = #Feeling Like a SUPERSTAR!

How nice to look at one of my favourite photos of me and my boy
for the entire month of January!
I have never even logged onto Twitter in my life but there was something "cool" and satisfying in adding a # to my blog title!  Maybe I needed to appear "cool" after what I am about to confide and share here....

So here I go again.  Carting my completed project around from venue to venue and room to room just so I can sneak glimpses of my greatness.  Ha.  Can you say "nerd"???

As I began typing this blog, you would have found me in bed with my laptop all cozy and warm on a chilling Monday evening and beside me is not my hubby (he's too busy watching football) but my 2014 Basic Grey Calendar!
Getting cozy with my BG Calendar and memories
Opened to January, I can see a younger vision of myself and my sweet baby boy (taken November 30, 2009).  The word "loved" makes my heart swell as I breathe in and take a moment to appreciate why we are all here....to love and (hopefully) be loved in return.  This picture makes me happy.  I think life can be as simple as that.  Take the time to soak it in!

The Creative, Thought Process
The colour of Julia's dress matched perfectly with the pre-printed paper design
Even though it is an oldie and even though it was not taken in the month of October, I decided that the colours matched beautifully with the pre-printed pages for the month of October.  This is how my brain works when I "Smash" or work on projects such as this...colour rules.  This is how decisions are made.

Besides, this is one of my all time favourite pictures of Jules!  I can almost smell the lavender and feel the warm sun on my skin as I take in this photo and the joy it brings.  I think I dressed her in that gorgeous coral dress for the entire summer because she looked so pretty in it!

Make it YOUR Own!

When you open this calendar, you will find the backgrounds have been pre-printed with various colour schemes for each month.  You then work with the instructions and easily labelled chipboard pieces, die-cuts and various embellishments to "build" your page.  It is your choice to omit various elements (as I did with the "tweet" title for February...SO not me and Trev but could be perfect for someone else) and even move the elements around to accommodate your picture.  You will see that my photo is much larger (5x7) and was landscape vs. portrait so I had to get a little creative with design.
Yup.  Here I am admiring my February page
at the Laura Secord counter as I waited for the girl to pack my order!
Yes.  For real.
Embellishments dictate which Photo is BEST!
March is adorable with it's hot air balloon chipboard!  
The moment I saw the chipboard pieces dedicated to the month of March, I knew I was going to incorporate this adorable photo taken by my sister, Krystle.  I always thought it looked like Jules was about to "fly" the vintage bed somewhere magical.

Add a few 'extra' Goodies
Persimmon garland added to tie in orange in tree
Have a look at a few more of my pages.  I tried to work with embellishments used in the kit but the odd Basic Grey rub on or garland was throw at a few pages to give it that little extra kick!

Simple page with 5x7 photo as the focus
The month of June was 'water cooler' conversation today!  
I completely changed this page and I am happy with the results.
Yes.  I was admiring the page while I should have been working for hubby today!
Still daydreaming at work....A BG rub-on was the perfect addition to this page.
Simple yet effective page
So am I a SUPERSTAR or what!?!  I think so!  No one has to know that this project was completed in no more than 3-4 hours and costs $19.99.  Only THE perfect gift for those hard to buy for people.  BUT this one is going no where!  I plan to hang it where I can glance at it frequently as admire how creative AND utterly amazing I am!  =)


PS...Big announcement coming tomorrow about our Christmas Open House promotion!

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Nicole Leger, Program Resource Teacher said...
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nancyparker55 said...

WOW! Kim you are a Super Star! Wonderful job on your calendar. Your photos are lovely. This might be a nice little gift for someone on my Christmas list. Thanks for the inspiration. hugs

K1 said...

Thanks Nancy!