Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FASHION and the CITY - Oh What a Night!

Wow!  What a marathon the last couple of weeks have been preparing for THE biggest event of the year - FASHION and the CITY!  As you can see it all took place last Thursday.  The evening was an overwhelming success with thousands and thousands of women flooding the downtown for the ultimate girls night!  There was shopping, live music, make and takes, food, drink, photo booths, giveaways, a fashion show and OH so much more!  

This is my nephew, Brody as he walked the runway.  He did such an amazing job!  Over 1200 people watched him make a statement on stage! I am SO proud of him!  

It may be hard to see, but I made him a paper tie using My Little Yellow Bicycle's line called Fern & Forest.  I absolutely loved the colours they have chosen for this line including orange, brown, teal, cream and others.  I glued a band of the paper around his hat and he carried a pretty bouquet of glitter hearts for his sweetheart....Julia

Here is a picture of my baby girl before the fashion show.  You will see from the expression on her face that she is just thrilled with the outfit I made!  

I have joked with you all that I do not sew and really should have listened to my mom when she told me to take sewing in high school rather than cooking.  I now know that mother ALWAYS knows best! But I made do with the skills I have (ha!) and basically hot glued strips of the My LYB girl Forest and Fern paper all around a skirt that Julia had in her closet.  It was Julia's idea to fold some of the paper and I think this made for a more interesting skirt!  The top part of the skirt was made by cutting the diamond pattern from a sheet of Basic Grey paper.  It seemed to finish the look I was going for!

The top was a simple tank but all I knew is that I really wanted a "spray" of hearts to somehow float around Julia as she walked down the runway.  I ran to the dollar store and found simple fairy wings for $2.00.  My son decided that pink was the right colour and I was glad that I listened to him and did not go with my choice of white!  Can you tell this was a join effort!?!?  Ha.  I was looking for ALL and ANY help as I questioned my every move!

The lavender hearts were cut out of American Craft POW glitter paper ($1.99/12x12 sheet) and glued onto a heavy gauge wire that I found at Home Depot.  You have to glue a heart on both the front and back so you do not see the adhesive.  The wire was then hot glued onto the inside portion on the fairy wings and voila!
Her is a picture of Jules walking the runway on the BIG night!  I was so proud of her as she walked with her head held high as she strutted her stuff for her mom's store!

Where Life's Details Matter

A few of you may remember this photo from the picture I posted on the day of the event.  And I just HAD to post it again!!  I don't know why, but this photo makes me SO happy.  Like I seriously cannot stop looking at it and smiling!

Maybe I am so happy with the end result because it took me WAY less time than my original plan.  I told Christy (owner of Dekoko's - only THE most fabulous cafe in all of Chatham) that I would take care of the centerpieces for our joint event.  I was going to make a ton of dimensional flowers and glue them onto wooden skewers and then add to a mason jar.  Well you know what happened?  I ran out of time.  

Then I decided to tweak the idea a little.  I still use my dimension flower as accent on the mason jar (using Spellbinders Blossom dies - $19.99 NOW in stock!) with a little twine accent and pick some wild flowers from around the yard.  The look came together with a few purchased spider mums and ta-da!  Look at me!  I pulled off a really cool look in a fraction of the time.  So what is the lesson here?  Improvising and a little effort is better than NO effort at all! 

Make and Take FUN!
For those of you that came out to The Paper Pickle Thursday night would have seen that we had a fabulous make and take.  A special thank you to my assistant Kelly who lead the session and our other helpers Pauline and my nieces and friends.  

Everyone made a shabby chic fridge magnet using the Spellbinders blossom dies (yes, the same ones used on my mason jar centerpieces), a wooden clothespin, a fun card (that I printed just for the event) and a magnet!  Roll the paper flower, glue on clothespin, add magnet and card and you're done!  People were really loving the fact that they could write down their favourite memory of the night to add to their smashbook, scrapbook or shoe box of life!

Oh hey, did you also hear that the first 200 people of the night walked off with a very FUN goodie bag from The Pickle?!?!  Items inside included mini albums, 6x6 paper pads, ribbon, tax free coupons, etc.

NEW Product - Washi LOVE
The night would not be complete without introducing new and fabulous lines to the store!  The whole point to the event is to show the community what you have to offer as a business!  And I am VERY proud of the product we have in the store right now!  Here is just ONE new thing....washi tape!  We have had a few rolls here and there but now I have gone ALL out!  Each roll has 10 meters and sells for $4 each.  You will see that I brought in fun, elegant, and everything in between!  Come in and have a look for yourself!  Not sure what to do with it?  Add it to a gift box instead of ribbon....tear a couple of pieces to tape pictures to your scrapbook page....use as design elements on a card...decorate an envelope....etc.

So what do you think?  Did you have fun at the event?  Do you wish you would have attended? Honestly, this was ONE amazing night and I am SO glad we were a part of it!  I am SO proud to call Chatham my home!



Jackie Plank said...

I am very glad that I attended. I wasn't going to but my husband said, "come on you know you want to go so let's go". So sweet of him. I enjoyed looking at all the new goodies that I couldn't afford to buy LOL... yet.

Linda Deline said...

We weren't home so I couldn't go. Seeing this picture of Julia...O My Gosh!! She really does look like a Hollywood star...so grown up. And so pretty. Wow.