Thursday, September 19, 2013

CONTEST - How are we doing?

Whoa!  Stop the train!  We have been moving FULL SPEED AHEAD ordering product like crazy, bringing you THE latest and greatest that the paper crafting industry has to offer.  Beautiful dies, a nice eclectic mix of embellishments, unbelievably gorgeous papers are all in stock right now.

But my question to you is "Are we bringing in THE RIGHT product?"  Are we missing anything?  I would love to get your feedback on product.  Please comment below or send me an email to let me know your thoughts.  The only way for The Pickle to be the premier paper crafting store is for customers to happy with the product and service we provide.

That leads me to my next point...."what do you think of the service you are receiving?"  How are the store hours?  Would you like to see us open Tuesday-Saturday again?  Do you like the later hours one night a week (like we have been doing this summer on Wednesday nights)?

Are you interested in classes?  What types of classes (card making, scrapbooking layouts, special projects for gifts)?  Would you like to have a special guest artist teach at The Pickle?  Who would you like to see here in Chatham?

We just got through a pretty big event (Fashion and the City) but are you interested in other special events including product launch parties, open houses, etc.?

Are you enjoying the Craft-Tea Time?  This takes place on the SECOND SATURDAY of each month and costs $5.  You stop in anytime between 10am-2pm for a 15 minute craft and you get a beverage from Dekoko's!  Sounds like a great deal to me!

Do you remember back in our early years when we had those Christmas tag exchanges?  This was where you would make 10-12 of the same tag and those tags would be exchanged with 10-12 other people so in the end, you will have 10-12 different Christmas tags to add to your gifts this Christmas.  I loved that!  Did you?  I have been thinking a lot about this and am tempted to get this going again.  Let me know your thoughts!

Another thing I was thinking about was having a place online where we can all post our creations!  The blog is kind of a one way conversation with me posting my thoughts and designs, etc.  It would be nice to see all of your work!  Many of you bring in your cards, layouts and special projects for us to see.  I LOVE THAT!  I mean isn't that why we do this?  To make others and ourselves happy.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a place that the Pickle People can go to see what to do with the products that are available locally?    I am just starting to look into the best avenue for this.  But if you want it, I will set it up!

We value your time and appreciate any feedback we receive!  This is why I will be running a little draw to go along with this post!  For each comment received below or in store or for each email received (I know some of you are shy!) you will receive one ballot for a chance to win a super awesome prize!

You could win this gorgeous plaid rolling tote filled with some pretty cool paper products!  The prize is valued at over $150 so tell me what you think now!  The contest will be open until September 30th with the grand prize winner being announced on the blog on October 2nd!  You can enter as often as you like between now and then!  

One last housekeeping item....a few of you were wondering who won the $250 gift basket from Fashion and the City and how many inches of ribbon were in the jar.  I can tell you that we had TWO winners who guessed the exact same amount.  K. MacDonald and S. Livingstone were the big winners!  They guessed 1,050 inches and I had 1,029 inches in the jar.  Thanks to all who participated that night!  We may have to do that again sometime!!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and respond to my request!  It really is my goal to be THE most super coolest paper crafting store in the area and maybe even the world!  Ha.



Georgy said...

I love the Craft-tea time, will go whenever I get the day off. I would like to see a night/day when you can go to the shop with your own work in progress, have access to some tools, not product unless it is purchased, and be with other crafters to chat and swap ideas. Keep up your great work, it's nice to walk into a shop where there is a friendly face :o)
GeorgyAnne Pigeon

K1 said...

Great ideas, Georgy! An open craft night could be fun! Would you like that with the coffee shop open for part of the night too? I'm getting excited!

nancyparker55 said...

Hi Kim, I think it would be great to be able to post our creations to the site. I find so much inspiration in the work of others. I love the Pickle and the lovely lady[ies] that run it. hugs
ps What an awesome prize! Thanks for the chance to win.

Rebecca Weaver said...

Sounds great, my favorite classes are the Christmas cards, and the gift tag exchange seems awesome too, can't wait!! Thx, Becky

K1 said...

Glad you girls are liking some of my ideas. Thank you for your comments Nancy and Becky!

CraftyViolet said...

I really like the idea of an open craft time too. Maybe a chance to use a couple of dies if we buy the paper from you? That way we would know if we like the die enough to buy it. I loved the make and takes! I have my own blog ( where I post cards, mixed media, scrapbook layouts and more, but I would also post on yours too and it would be cool to see what others are doing.
You and Deb are awesome to deal with!....and your sisters when they pitch in. And I love it that so many of your prices are lower than (ugh) Michaels - even with their coupon.

Jackie Plank said...

Kim you already know I love what you are doing. I would love to see a Crop weekend where we could all gather together and scrap and chat and get to know each other. Where we could use the different dies/tools and see how we like them etc.. and buy our paper and embellies from you.
That would be sooooooo exciting for me.

Emilly said...

Kim, I think a christmas tag exchange would be fun and add that extra special touch to holiday wrappings!

Emilly said...

I would really like to see Smarty Pants line by Simple Stories at the Pickle as well as the new fall line by Doodlebug :)

MomofTwoBeauties said...

I Love your store! Hands Down!!!! And those are great ideas! I would love for Saturdays to be open, as I work a lot threw out the week!! A open crop-night would be amazing!!!! we buy products but can maybe use dies, or tools!!!
the Christmas tags is AWESOME, but not only Christmas you could do a theme each month like a project life card swap, school tag, Halloween etc a great way for people to have a way to craft, share and enjoy their goodies!
a facebook group would be GREAT so we can all share our pages, do monthly challenges! would be great to see locals scrap-art!!! I am involved in a few threw youtube, but would love one locally!!! Eeeeek!

MomofTwoBeauties said...

I Love your store! Hands Down!!!! And those are great ideas! I would love for Saturdays to be open, as I work a lot threw out the week!! A open crop-night would be amazing!!!! we buy products but can maybe use dies, or tools!!!
the Christmas tags is AWESOME, but not only Christmas you could do a theme each month like a project life card swap, school tag, Halloween etc a great way for people to have a way to craft, share and enjoy their goodies!
a facebook group would be GREAT so we can all share our pages, do monthly challenges! would be great to see locals scrap-art!!! I am involved in a few threw youtube, but would love one locally!!! Eeeeek!

Betty Meyskens said...

Like the rest of your readers - I agree that your store is the best! I love that you are so eager to bring new products in. I really miss the classes that you use to have at night. So I would love to see those come back - it was always so motivating to come to those classes and learn new techniques or try out different products. I would love it if the store could be open on Fridays or even til 5 pm other days to allow for me to get to the store when I am not working. I have not been able to make the Saturday craft teas, as it was a busy summer with weddings and showers, etc. but those always seemed to have such great make and takes - I'm sad that I had to miss them. Looking forward to more craft time please.

MomofTwoBeauties said...

Oh another idea!!! What about a youtube channel?!?! showing ideas, techniques, new products, maybe your fav products for that month, top 5 tools to use, that's where you can post challenges, have mojo Monday where you make a card each Monday or the ideas are endless! i'm a scrapping youtube junkie! So this would just be AWESOME!!! and then you could have like guest designers or blog hops!!!

Debbie said...

Hi Kim,
I think the Craft-tea time is great. I hope to make it to more in the future. I like classes, especially introducing a new product. It is so much easier and more fun when someone shows you how. The idea of the Christmas tag swap is super. Anything I am looking for I can get in your store. If it is not there you are so great about ordering it. Thanks for the excellent personal service. I personally don't post my creations to online sites but I sure spend a lot of time looking at what others are kind enough to share. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a great git. Why would we shop anywhere else!

LilScrapper said...
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LilScrapper said...

The Pickle is the only reason I go downtown.
Love the product and friendly face...
Weekdays and Saturdays are sooo busy I wish I could squeeze a few hours out of you on a Sunday, it's our down time and craft day...
Love the product and idea for an open craft night with access to some cool tools.
Totally missing the classes !!!
Now if only Tim Holtz would come visit life would be complete !!!

CraftyViolet said...

More to my first comment - I would love to learn more mixed media techniques but maybe on tags first? Tags would be quicker and less expensive but we would learn the techniques we could then apply to canvas pieces at home.

Pauline said...

Kim, you have the best store around without a doubt. Your prices are amazing. I would love if you were open one night a week a bit later, love the Wednesday nights till 8 (I know they are coming to an end)- when you work to 6 it's the only time I can get to the store. You are also so accommodating to bring in what I have asked for, never have been disappointed. I would love it you could bring in Flourishes rubber stamps.

Unknown said...

Hi K1
lost my first attempt to post! I love the Paper Pickle, Kim and Deb! I'd like to have more days open, being out of town I try to coordinate my visits to Chatham. I miss the classes and comradery. Kim has the best prices and selection can be made to order too! technique classes are a fav and I'd like to see posts from the more skilled cardmakers (not likely mine)...

jroffel said...

Hey Kim,
Here we go:
I love all your product. You are always on top of getting the latest and greatest! Your prices are the best around too.
As for your hours, I think being open on a Tuesday would be good. Saturday until Wednesday can be a long wait if you need something. Being open late one night a week would be awesome too. Tuesday-Saturday would be amazing but only if it works with your schedule.
Classes-I really miss the classes. I loved the card classes, mixed media, and scrapbook classes. I don't mind the craft-tea time but prefer regular classes. As for guests….Tim Holtz!! Having an evening session for those who work during the day would be bonus.
See you soon! Can't wait to her what you decide!!!

Sharon said...

Hi Kim; you already know your the reason I retired in Chatham!There is no other scrapbook store that is so accommodating for their customers.Thank you for all the special orders you've made for me.Tuesday to Saturday would be great,but having regular classes is more appealing.I would love to see a Project Life class and maybe Ali Edwards-Technique Tuesday stamps to incorporate into my scrapbooking.I would love to see another Mixed media class since I missed the last one.

Laina Millson said...

I could just echo what everyone else is saying. I mean really, the Paper Pickle is the best, period. :) Maybe I have just missed it, but I think with a little tag teaming with your partner in crime at Dekoko's the latest and greatest to me is flair as far as product goes. YOu do a really good job of keeping it fresh. The washi stash is looking fabulous now! I like the tag exchange idea and other themes too that another reader mentioned. Great Idea, would love a crop organzied, but nothing too pricey, just casual. And if it isn't too much to ask, if you could arrange for Tim to stop by, that would be FABULOUS! HA! Or Keith, I would take Keith anyday, who cares that he isn't a crafty guy. ;)

Laina Millson said...

Oh and how could I forget, PROJECT LIFE stuff please. :D I also love what Simple Stories is doing with all the bits in pieces that coordinate with their kits. PL <3

Marcie S. said...

I ADORE the Paper Pickle! I always plan my trips to Chatham around your store hours. :) I am always satisfied with the service and product I receive there. I reeeeeaaally like how you are bringing in more modern, funky stamps/dies such as the My Favorite Things stamps and Die-namics. I'd love to see more of that fun, bright, modern, trendy product (stamps, dies, 6x6 paper packs) as opposed to vintage, floral, fussy stuff (not quite my style). Love it all!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Love the Paper Pickle! You always have the greatest selection of product! I'd definitely like to see you open later one night a week or maybe going back to being open on Tuesday-Saturday.

I do miss the classes, so that would be cool if they were to ever start up again. The idea of a Christmas tag exchange sounds great to me.

As for guests - gotta say it would be very cool if Tim ever stopped by! :)