Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CRAFTY Ideas for Fall!

So I absolutely LOVE decorating for fall!  I spent the entire day Sunday running around to the various produce stands and DeGoey's to grab items to decorate my front door and other areas around the house.  Here is a picture of my front door.  I love the look of decorating with an eclectic mix of gourds, pumpkins and squash.

I have never decorated near my garage/front walk but I am very happy with the look of this display. Nice and showy from the road.

So all this decorating around the house has me inspired.  Last night I began to "play".  Decorating gourds and small pumpkins with glitter is not a new idea.  I know we have all seen in it various magazines, etc.  I had never tried it so I thought "what the heck?"

My first attempt was the pumpkin on the left.  I took Perfect Paper Adhesive (only THE most amazing paste glue perfect for collage, mixed media, etc.) and basically coated the pumpkin and then dusted Glitter Ritz all over to cover the pumpkin.  I like the look but almost feel like it is too "pretty" maybe even too "Christmas-y" (if that is possible).  It was almost lacking in colour.  I am also a very impatient crafter and did not take the time to coat the top portion and then allow dry time before doing the bottom.  It is a little rough but was my first attempt!

I do like the little craft paper flower on top though!  This was made using the "Blossoms Die" from Spellbinders!  Yes, the same dies I used for the Fashion and the City craft!

My next attempt was the pumpkin at the back.  With this one, I wanted a subtler look.  I mixed Glitter Ritz glitter AND Perfect Paper Adhesive and then brushed it onto the pumpkin.  It is hard to see here but the results are fabulous!  The pumpkin is so nice and shiny and I think finishing the look with the twine and craft paper flower made it look so "romantic".  There is also a little washi tape to add to the vintage look.  Have a little closer look....

My third attempt was the pumpkin on the right with the little white flower and bakers twine.  This pumpkin was decorated using the same glitter ritz/PPA paste and then I sprinkled some of Tim Holtz's Distress Glitter on the top (green chunkier glitter).  This little guy is SO adorable!  The die used here is from MFT.  It was the perfect size for this guy!

So see....product at The Pickle is NOT just limited to scrapbooking and card making!  Use the products you have to add a little charm to your home!  Can you not see these as little place card holders at your Thanksgiving table or as a centerpiece?!?

Want to see these beauties in person?  Stop by the store!  Open today until 8pm!  Fourth Street Market is on TODAY from 4-8pm!


PS...Keep those suggestions coming!  Contest is closing on September 30th!  Over $150 in prizes are up for grabs!

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Cathy McIlroy said...

Love them!

I think you should try these techniques on various gourds! They would make some cool centre pieces and table decor, whether grouped or single as place card holders!
(impatient crafter lol....sounds like me! I think it's only because we have many more ideas flowing through and blossoming in our heads that we just want to hurry up so we can move on and make then next idea!)