Saturday, August 31, 2013

FASHION and The CITY Progress

Preparations for Fashion and The City are WELL underway!  New product is arriving and I am PUMPED to show you all the amazing new product....but not yet!  Stop by on Thursday, September 5th between 6-11pm for a night you will never forget! There will be make and takes, goodie bags, special draws, new reveals, live music, cute guys, etc, etc.  Please note that the store will be closed until 6pm Thursday to prepare for the event of the year!!

Open today from 9:30am - 3pm.  Stop in and grab some back to a school goodies for the kids lunch pails like these adorable post it notes or I Love You pads!

Happy Labour Day Weekend!


Jackie Plank said...

I think you need an editor Kim :)
How can the store be open from 11 - 6 if it is going to be closed til 6?

K1 said...

Just to clarify, the store will ONLY be open from 6pm-11pm Thursday instead of our regular hours. Sorry if my post was confusing!