Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beginning to feel a lot LIKE....

For those of you on facebook, you would have seen this picture of our mobile shipping and receiving department.  Last night it happened to be in my kitchen as it was a little too cool to work outside in our airy space!  Also, I was TOO excited to wait until today to rip into the boxes!  I was SO excited that I HAD to dust off my sombrero and celebrate the arrival in a festive style!  ha.

What exciting times at the store!  Everything, I mean EVERYTHING is NEW!!  


So we all know that every little thing he TIM does is magic, right?  Well his new distress glitter is just that....magic!  I would SO use this stuff like fairy dust and cast spells if I could!  Ha.  I mean even the little bottle makes me happy by just LOOKING at it!  Check out the display that was at CHA showing all 24 FABULOUS colours!

Here is a video of the man himself, explaining why you NEED his glitter!

Lakeside by Pebbles

This may in fact be THE cutest summer line I have ever seen!  Anyone who has gone away to the lake for summer holidays NEEDS this paper and the embellishments!  I brought in the 6x6 pad ($6.50), fun chipboard pieces ($4.50), stickers ($3.25) and the 12x12 collection pack ($21.99).
Love this packaging SO much!  Just like a chip bag!!  ha.
Here is a better look at the chipboard pieces that come in the adorable CHIPS bag!  $4.50

Ideology - Rub-Ons
Again....pure perfection for our main man, Tim!  $4.50.

Spellbinders - M-Bossabilities
I absolutely love this new A2 size folder from Spellbinders.  For $7.99 you get two designs on one space saving folders!

Justrite - More Stamps!
A great religious stamp set from Justrite!  $17.95.

Wednesday Fourth Street Market - TONIGHT!
The market is on TONIGHT from 4-8pm.  You HAVE to go and grab only THE freshest produce from my friend Henry, fresh baked goodies from my sister, Jen, healthy, and delicious salads from my niece, Emily and from all my other relatives!!  HA!  No seriously, we are not all related!  But there are some incredible finds at the market that you MUST stop in to see for yourself!  

Market night means we are open late tonight....THE PICKLE is open from 10am-8pm today!


Store Hours
Wednesday 10am-8pm
Thursday 10am-4pm
Saturday 9:30am-3pm

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Jackie Plank said...

Ha, I am not a TH fan so you don't get me with that post but oh my gosh I am a spellbinder's fan... ouch, I am so glad DH don't watch where I go on my Blogger LOL