Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So I had given a few of you a little sneak peek of our latest product on our Facebook page.  Not a fan of our page yet (shame on you!)?  Click here and it will take you there.  All you have to do is click 'LIKE' and you are in!  And then YOU can be the first to know!!

So without further ado, check out my latest LOVE......Smashbooks!

This is like art journaling for dummies.  I love the fact that they speak to everyone and anyone......from the busy mom, to the concert hopping 20-something, to the recipe clipping mama.  AND the price is right....just under $15 gets you one of 6 different styles of Smashbooks and the accessories are like $2.50.  Too fun!  I know a few people of my Christmas list will just go nuts for this product....especially after watching this CUTE video.  Happy Smashing!

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