Monday, August 15, 2011

August Week 3 SPECIAL.....ALL Stamps!

Now this is a special you will just FLIP over!  Ha....This image reminded me of my highschool days....I would tease the heck out of my bangs, add EXACTLY 12 sprays of Aussie's firm hold spay and then hop on the bus HOPING and PRAYING the spray would hold for the day...otherwise it I would be utterly humiliated!  Yes, most days it was up for the challenge but not all.  Maybe that is why I hated gym class so much......truly, why did I ever do that to my hair?  Just wait 'til the post when I share my stories about my perm experiences.

Come on out for the deals (and laughs) THIS week!  I may even bring in a photo of my beloved bangs in action!

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