Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Perfect day to be....

Oh my!  Look how little she looks here.
I found this photo of one of our smashing sessions from years ago.
Must have been when washi was just becoming all the rage....oh my!
Thank goodness each roll has something like 15m!  

CRAFTING of course!  I mean what else could you do?  Now don't tell me you're going to spend the day tackling a closet or junk drawer organization.  Spend some time for YOU.  Yes, you!  Being creative and working with your hands calms the soul and allows you to recharge for the week ahead.  

One of the pages from my first smash book where I included
products I love, beautiful stationery and more.
Did you know our neighbour (Lady Blackbird) carries
this gorgeous line of bath product.....oh how life can be so sweet.

My plan (once I am done at the store 10-3 just in case  you were wondering♥), is to work away on my SMASH Books (yes, plural).  I have a pretty box full of pretty clippings from my Real Simple magazine, concert stubs, stickers and more that are calling my name.  As much as I love gardening, I am thrilled to have this weekend for a little play time.  I think know I deserve it and you do too!


Store Hours
Wed-Fri - 10am-5pm
Sat - 10am-3pm

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