Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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 Do you have a favourite tween/teen in your life that is crazy about emojis and unicorns and donuts?  Well I've got one of those (a tween who acts like a teen...Lord help me.) and she is going absolutely nuts for all the new product that is arriving at her mom's store, The Paper Pickle.
Emoji Love
Lines Journal
 And this product is not just for the youngins'.  This lined journal stole my heart.  It measures 5x8.25" so it is THE perfect size in my opinion.  Lots of room to write but not too bulky.
Emoji Love
Sticker Tablet
 The Emjoi Love Sticker Tablet is incredible.  The sheer number of stickers is amazing.  Perfect for cards, planners, layouts, you name it!
Emoji Love
Sticky Notes
Ok.  Check out the sticky notes.  The note with the little turd guy got a rise out of my kids.  It caught their eye and they quickly smiled and looked my way to see my reaction.  We had just had a big discussion about "that" word not being appropriate for kids.  Well.....maybe that one just has to go to work with mom!  Surely Trevor can't stay mad at me long with he sees the adorable, smiling turd.  Ha.

I have a customer who special orders from me and she often chooses items from Doodlebug.  This is a company that I sometimes forget about just given my addiction to more neutral colours but I am always pleasantly surprised when it arrives.  Their colours are so fresh and the designs are adorable and the quality is wonderful.  I think it is time to add more colour to my life.  My tween went bonkers for all of this!

There may be a few other items from Doodlebug in store now.  Why don't you come in and have a look?  The store is FULL of beautiful product right now.


PS...Any of you die hard Tim fans out there, will be thrilled to know that the Distress Oxide inks are beginning to arrive at The Paper Pickle.  We have 7 out of the 12 colours and we are impatiently waiting for the balance.  I have played a little and they are so fun.  You can use them like a regular stamp pad (I thought they stamped even better than the regular Distress Inks) but the real magic is when you "play".  Check out Jennifer McGuire's video.  She shows you how versatile these inks really are.

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