Friday, June 3, 2016

Retrofest - You bring out the BEST in Our Town AND Me!

As a child, I was VERY shy.  I sat at the back of the classroom and didn't say a peep (ask my teacher Mrs. Debresser).  One of my aunts had recently reminded me of just how shy I was (not speaking, hiding behind adults legs, crying, etc.).  My Grandma Prada gave me a job at her hair salon when I was in Grade 10 to get me out of my shell...and the rest is history!  Ha.  Goodbye awkward silence....HELLO roller skates!  

I HAVE to laugh when I look at this picture because it looks like I have it all together.  Those who saw me in my "$3 Goodwill find" Retrofest Saturday know the truth.....I  nearly broke my neck a half dozen times (and that was in a matter of 30 minutes!).'s all fun, right!?

Yes.  Retrofest was last weekend and it truly IS my favourite.  I love being a downtown merchant and watching out city burst with pride, excitement and incredible cars.  As you know, I appreciate the old, the vintage, the beautiful.  

We had a bit of rain Saturday morning but that did not dampen people's spirits.  They were out in full force enjoying the day.  (Sigh).  Why can't it be Retrofest EVERY weekend?  

We celebrated the weekend with a sale, speciality cupcakes (strawberry lemonade and root beer float) and a make and take.  Have a look at the cute little tags people created using the Power Poppy set called Sassy Succulents. I am in love with succulents these days.  Has anyone else noticed they are EVERYWHERE!?  The best part is that they are nearly impossible to kill (especially these below!).  I loaded my fairy garden with them to save me from the disappointment of yet another wilted-beyond-help viola.
Sassy Succulents
While searching the net for a picture of the stamp set I used, I was floored by this simple yet incredible design by Tosha - a Power Poppy designer.  I just HAD to share.  I fall in love.  With paper.  Everyday.

Yes.  Retrofest was a success and I want it to linger. For those of you still high on the Retrofest fumes, check out these adorable notebooks I brought in just for the occasion.  They measure approximately 4x6 and are perfect for your purse.  And at $5.50, they are the perfect little treat.

The covers are so fun and you will be reminded of our awesome festival every time you look at it.

So what is the moral of the story?

  1. Celebrate your town and it's events or they will not take place. 
  2. Succulents are easy to grow and make you happy.  
  3. Don't be afraid to come out of your shell and look like a fool every once in a while.


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