Friday, March 4, 2016

Colouring - We KNEW it was HOT!

So check this out.  These beautiful photos were taken by my very talented sister, Krystle VanRoboys in 2011.  See what she was focusing on?  Pencil crayons or coloured pencils if you will.  Huh?  What's that?  Coloured pencils?  Ah ha.  I've got your attention!

So yes, The Paper Pickle has been carrying today's hottest trend since 2011 (and quite possibly before that).

Adult colouring books are all the rage and these soft core Premier Prismacolor pencils are incredible to work with and make blending easy.  We have close to 100 unique colours to choose from with ALL in stock pencils priced competitively at $1.95 each.  Use these on their own or with gamsol and paper stomps to blend these gorgeous colours.  Add some of these beautiful colours to your existing collection and add a little excitement to your projects.

Prima Watercolor Pencils

And for those who want to play a little more and experiment, we carry Prima watercolour pencil sets (4 to choose from).  Use a paint brush or our easy and fun to use water brushes to add a soft watercolor look.  These are best used with water colour paper (in stock as well).
Pencils come in a gorgeous tin with 12 complimentary colours.
The water brush comes as a two pack (two different sized brushes).
 The barrel is filled with water and are so fun to work with!

Adorn-it - 12x12 Colouring Sheets

People have asked if we will be carrying adult colouring books and my answer has to be no.  They are everywhere and I like to stick with unique products in the shop.  I do however carry these 12x12 colouring sheets from Adorn-it.  They are priced at $1.99 per sheet and there is a nice selection to choose from.  They are printed on a heavy watercolor stock so the pencils move nicely on them.  Have a look at the sample I coloured one night after a long work week.  It was so relaxing.  

So there you have it.  Proof that we were on trend LOOOONG ago and I know many of my customers have been cool like that too.  Make sure to tell all your friends that The Pickle is the place to be for colouring needs.  While at 44 Fourth Street, don't forget to check out Homebaked Kitchen's adorable pencil cases and pencil wraps.  I mean nothing is more fun that pulling out a gorgeous pencil case with fresh, vibrant pencils and sitting down for some glorious "me" time.  ♥


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Debbie said...

I am so appreciative of having a local store that does carry the hot new trends. No need to cross the border or order online - it is right here in Chatham-Kent. If I see something while surfing all those craft sites - it is just an email or call to order it. Thanks Kim for your time in keeping on top of what is hot and new to keep us inspired.