Wednesday, January 20, 2016

California....You have been SO GOOD to me

Run, Kim, Run.  Truly.  I feel like my trip to California allowed me to do it see it all, just like Forrest.  It was without a question, the best trip I have ever been on.

California has a very special place in my heart ♥.
I love everything, EVERYTHING about it including:

  • The adorable little beach towns....

Seal Beach was only a quick drive from our hotel
and we spent two beautiful days there.
You will see it was a little cool for swimming (yikes!), but
that did not deter us from taking our shoes off
and enjoying the sand between our toes.

  • Hopes of seeing famous celebrities....

I might mention that we visited Santa Monica and Hollywood on Sunday January 10th.
Does that day ring a bell for you?  Well it didn't until we saw the helicopters
and tv trucks at the Beverly Hilton.
We were driving by at 3pm....2 hours before the Golden Globes were set to begin!
Lots and lots of limos around but sadly I didn't see anyone....THIS time at least.
To be continued...
  • A chance to experience a first class, FUN family vacation...

So Disney California has two parks:  Disneyland and California Adventure.
I love Disneyland but I especially love California Adventure.
Paradise Pier has an old fashion flair.  I love the fair or carnival type setting.
You can see we felt at ease here.  We had a blast!

  • Historic Buildings are Valued and Reinvented

On my list was visiting the Anaheim Packing House.
 This 42,000 sq. ft. Sunkist packing house was built in 1919
and has been converted to the most unique dining experience.
With over 2 dozen fabulous artisan eateries, there is something for everyone.
We had some pretty serious poutine, crepes and build your own gelato pops.
Pretty much all are open concept so you can watch
the true art that goes into the creations.
Even found a bike at the Packing House.
This sealed the deal for me.
I will love The Packing House FOREVER.

  • Host to CHA - A Paper Lover's Dream Come TRUE

Since this was the last year (after a 10 year stint) CHA was calling The Anaheim Convention Centre home, I HAD to experience it first hand.  And it was as wonderful as ever.  The amount of effort that goes into the booths and the samples is mind boggling.  The best of the best is there to represent themselves and it definitely showed.  I was wowed at every turn.

You saw a few of my pics from previous posts, but here are a few more.

Of course I was drawn to the rubber stamp booths and samples.  I wish these cards showed up better but are these not incredible?  Penny Black watercolour-style cards above were so elegant and dreamy.

You can always count on a good laugh at Art Impression's booth.  This is an oldie (no offence!) but certainly a goodie.

 Spellbinder's now has rubber stamps thanks to the wonderful partnership with various artist.  Above is a gorgeous stamp by Tammy Tutterow.  This makes me smile.  Anyone interested in getting a special guest artist to The Pickle?  Tammy is at the top of my list.

 Planners were all the rage at the show.  I know some of you are not sold on this concept but I hope to show you how much fun you can have with these!!  (Ahem.....I may be putting a call out to all my planner frenzy friends to help me out here!).  So, so FUN.

Carpe Diem?  Of course I will!!

And finally.....

  • You feel like a kid in California!

I think my smile with Pluto says it all.
I am recharged and ready to rock and roll this year!

I adore how natural Jules looks here.  California is one of her happy places.

It was amazing how Coulter was all business at the beach.
 He would not rest until his fort was complete.
So yep....those are surfers in the background.  Cool....dude.

So don't think this trip was ALL play.  I represented The Paper Pickle very well, I think, playing it very cool at the booths.  No fan photo or autograph requests from this girl.  I was very professional (hey, I got lots of photos from past shows...haha) and took tons of notes.  Products have been ordered and I cannot wait to share my love of the hobby with you again this year!!


PS....And if you ever get the chance to visit it!!  I know a girl who would be eager to show you the sites. ♥

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