Wednesday, August 26, 2015

They're Back! - Pickle Station Pickles

You will be happy to learn that the whole "fam damily" is back in stock!  We have missed you.

After an incredible run in 2014, we were patiently waiting for the 2015 season to start so pickling could begin.  All cucumbers are grown locally in Chatham-Kent.  They are then graded at the Chatham facility which employs hundreds of students each summer.  They are then packaged in Harrow, Ontario.

I remembered working at The Pickle Station each summer.  Because my family ran the operations, we spent the majority of our summers working.  I believe it was there that our characters were built.  We learned that when it was time to work, you worked!  We grew up in an entrepreneurial setting and I am proud to say that each of us (5 kids in all) are business owners.  Our Grandpa ("Grandad") started the "Pickle Station" 50+ years ago and it is so incredible that it still around giving "kids" the opportunity to blossom and grow.

And yes....this is where the name "The Paper Pickle Company" came from.  My sister Kell and I wanted our business name to have meaning and reflect who we were.  AND it is true....We all LOVE pickles!!

Dig In.  Eat Fresh.  Buy Local!


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