Thursday, August 27, 2015

Good Ol' Fashion Southern Picnic

Super fun paper straws, mason jars, Black-eyed Susans, chalkboards
and lemonade add to the theme of the party!
I mentioned last week that I was busy planning a party at our house.  Every year, we host a fantasy football party.  The league has been running since 2002 and the boys pick their players who will essentially be on their "fantasy team".  To be honest, I really do not care at all about the football part of the day.  I am not a football fan and I never will be.  What I do like about football season, however, is that it gives me license to do whatever I want every Sunday throughout the fall....and that usually means crafting!

So you are probably wondering why I get all worked up every year about this football party when I don't even care for the sport.  What I do live for is planning a FUN party that will be memorable for all our guest.  Each year I have a little more fun planning and decorating.  We have been choosing "themes" for this football party for a while now with the theme usually revolving around the food served.  This year's theme was "Ol' Fashion Southern Picnic".

Food items included:
  • Sweet-Tea Brined & Grilled Chicken 
    • This was incredible btw! 
    •  Click for recipe (Cuisine at Home is my GO-TO for amazing recipes!)
    • I even made some without the rub and it was perfect for the kids.
  • Sweet corn & Watermelon
  • Deviled Eggs & fresh sliced breads
  • Peach Pie & Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • And of course - Lemonade!!

I wish I took a closer photo, but you can see how fun
the lanterns are in an outdoor setting
It is easy to wow your guests with a few simple decor items including paper lanterns.  I chose red and white to match with my theme and my table linens.  You will also notice I decorated with the fun hot air balloons which were also perfect for this theme.  Notice how cool they look hung from our huge maple tree!  I usually hang these with fishing line but since I couldn't find mine, I used baker's twine and that looked really cool.

Simple items like wooden crates (found at Degoey's in Chatham) can serve as wonderful decor items with a purpose.....perfect for catching empties!  I was also very happy with this chalkboard arrow sign that told guests what time the band came on.

I wanted to do something special for the kiddies.  Jules (my daughter) and I whipped up some paper treat bags tied with baker's twine.  Contents included ol' fashion lollipops, gum balls, jubjubs and fun pinwheels.  I found these pinwheels at the Superstore a year ago on clearance for $0.14 each!  They were the perfect addition to the bag and made for a very fun visual.  They were even spinning away throughout the fun!  These could very easily be made out of scrapbooking papers if you like.

The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all.  I really wish I had more photos of all the little details but this is all I took between prepping food for the 50+ people and when I cut loose once the meal was done.  And did I EVER cut loose.  Yikes!  Remind me next year to cool it a little, will ya?  I'm not as young as I use to be.  Ha.

The Moral of the Story
Yes, there is a reason why I shared my little party with you.  It is to show you that you can easily transition your love of paper and pretty things to party settings.  Maybe you have been doing a little less in terms of scrap booking or card making and that's ok.  But there are always gatherings.  There are always small ways to make your guests feel loved.  Little things like making washi tape flags for your desserts, stringing fun paper bunting or paper lanterns above a cake table or creating a fun memory guest book! I know you can use your amazing eye for colour and details to add that WOW effect to your next event.  


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